East Quad Improvement


What went on?

The East Quad Reconstruction was awarded as 2-separate projects:

east_quad.jpgThe first project during early July, 2005.

Project #1 Construction Period April 18 through July 22, 2005

Project #2 Construction Period July 5 through September 23, 2005

equad.jpgEast Quad Road: view from Olson Hall bike circle

What does this affect?

Picnic Day got the construction posponded a bit, and Whole Earth Festival was also successful in pushing back the construction (Whole Earth Festival was in serious danger of not having access to the quad).

What changed?

They improved the sidewalk and road areas around the east quad. There were also improvements made to the utility lines under the street. It was part of a larger series of improvements to all of the streets around the quad.

More information

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