Office Location
1113 Social Sciences and Humanities Building
Department Chair
Gregory Clark

Steven M. Sheffrin is a professor of Economics and also the Dean of the Division of Social Sciences.

Economics is the study of society's allocation and distribution of resources. The essential insights of economics are that these resources are scarce and have a price, that prices provide the link between individual agents (consumers and firms), and that individual behavior can vary across different incentive schemes. The study of economics provides a valuable way of analyzing many of the major issues facing society today.

If you take some economics classes then you're likely to encounter Greebes.

UC Davis has one of the best graduate economics history programs in the country, as well as a fairly strong undergraduate program. It is a good program to come out of for either undergraduate or graduate study. Be warned, graduate study is vastly different then undergraduate study. Be sure to have a lot of mathematics under your belt.

Prereqs for the major are Statistics 13, Mathematics 16AB or 21AB. If further economics study is planned, it is recommended to take MAT 21ABCD, and 22AB. For advanced students looking to obtain a PhD, MAT 25, 67, 108, 125AB, 133,167, and 168 are helpful, as well as STA 131ABC, 108, 106, and 137. There are 11 upper division classes required for the major, of which 100, 101, 102, and one economic history class is required. Some classes that are recommended for those continuing to graduate economics: ECN 122, game theory; ECN 140, econometrics; ECN 194HB, special honors seminar.

Some ECN 1AB, 100, and 101 courses use Aplia, a website for homework. Some students find it difficult to work with, but it has useful study guides, practice tests, etc.

Undergraduate Courses

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