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Spring 2011
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||Tuesdays 6 pm in Haring 1227|

The Economics and Business Student Association (EBSA) is the largest undergraduate professional business club at UC Davis aimed to help students gain exposure to the business discipline. At EBSA, our goal is to have our members gain professional skills by participating and learning through our workshops, seminars, and group projects. Members will gain invaluable skills to become competitive business leaders, and gain more insight into their possible future career paths.

We are the link between your college undergraduate and professional career. EBSA strives to provide the resources to develop future business leaders. We encourage diverse majors in our endeavor to widen our perspective, making us well rounded.

1) Members: Our members are our number one priority. We strive to serve and develop our members in everything we do.

2) Community: Our community is built on our members’ active participation and passion for business. We all work hard together to grow our individual skills. As we develop and build strong lasting friendships, we strengthen our EBSA community.

3) Leadership: “What does it mean to be a leader?”
Leaders are creative, inspirational, committed, communicative, and critical thinkers. At EBSA we hope to help members strengthen these skills.

We act with honesty and integrity.
We reward hard work and dedication.
We value leadership because leaders shape the future.
We are passionate about our work.
We are one team of diverse individuals unified by common goals.

Current Officers: Board 2014-2015.jpg2014-2015 Officers
President: Victoria Marcus
Vice-President: Wendy Chan
Treasurer: Alex Waller
Secretary: Neha Gupta
Fundraising Chair: Amitis Pedramrazi
Public Relations & Social Chair: Arlette Nguyen
Designer: Sharon Trang
Alumni Chair: Ashley Chang
Webmaster: Pothana Kambhampati

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Class of 2014 at Bon Voyage.jpgClass of 2014 at Bon Voyage

F13 Collage.jpgCorn Maze, Bake Sale, Warrior Dash

Morgan Stanley Senior Vice President of Global Wealth.jpgGuest Speaker Morgan Stanley Senior Vice President of Global Wealth Jeffrey Won


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