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The Educational Opportunity Program

The Educational Opportunity Program (EOP) at the University of California, Davis began in 1968. The program offers an array of services to help students adapt both academically and socially to the University setting and achieve their educational and personal goals. The transition from high school or community college to a large research university can be overwhelming. EOP provides a caring and supportive environment for students to meet with peer and professional advisers and network with other students. Three staff advisers and a group of 15 peer advising counselors, in conjunction with other campus units, work together to offer students the following services and activities.Please stop by the EOP office in South Hall to meet our friendly staff and peers. The office is open from 9-4 daily, and no appointment is necessary.

Our Mission

"The Educational Opportunity Program is committed to serving the UC Davis Community. We strive to maintain a climate of academic excellence and maximize retention by providing academic, and social support and peer counseling. We affirm our commitment by raising student awareness in current political and social issues. Through our programs we recognize, appreciate, and cherish the richness of our diversity.”

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How to be an EOP Student 101

Step 1:
Check your UC Davis Email: You will be receiving Newsletters, Updates, and Reminders from your PAC

Step 2:

Go to the EOP Office

Academic Support
• Academic Advising
• Pre/Co classes
• Lending Library

Personal Support
• One-on-One Peer Counseling
• Internship/Job opportunity

Social Support
• Social Room
• Workshops

Step 3:

Add EOP on Facebook and Instagram!

Keep up with what’s
going on in EOP,
Post any updates you
have, network

Step 4:

Get involved with EOPAC
(Educational Opportunity Program Activities Club)

Meet other EOP Students
Flash Mobs
Game nights
IM Sports

Step 5:

Go to workshops!

Apartment Hunting 101
Learning Styles
You request topic!

Peer Advising Counselors

Ariel Lopez

Year: 4th
Major: Sociology and Chicano Studies
Hometown: Calipatria, CA


Armando Figueroa

Year: 4th
Major: Sociology and Chicano Studies
Hometown: Los Angeles, CA


Arianne Riley

Year: 3rd
Major: Community and Regional Development
Hometown: Hayward, CA


Susan Flores=

3rd Year
Major: CRD and MESA
Hometown: North Hollywood

Soroush Ghaffarpour

2nd Year
Major: Neurobiology, Physiology, and Behavior
Hometown: Fairfield, CA.

Pierre Morris

2nd Year
Major: Biology/ Psychology Double
Hometown: Greenville, Mississippi

E.J. Orozco

3rd Year
Major: Civil Engineering
Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Maritza Vega-Valdez

2nd Year
Major: Human Development and Spanish
Hometown: Patterson, CA

Austin Edmonson

4th Year
Major: Sociology B.A.
Hometown: Moorpark, CA

Elizabeth Lopez

3rd Year
Major: Psychology B.A
Hometown: South Los Angeles, CA
liz (420x314).jpg

Veronica Serrato

4th Year
Major: Chicana/o Studies, Political Science- Public Service Double
Philosophy minor
Hometown: Gardena, CA

David Le

4th Year
Major: Community and Regional Development
Hometown: Oakland California
david (400x300) (400x300).jpg

Niat Afeworki

4th year
Major: History and Cultural Anthropology
Hometown: East Bay


Leonna Spilman

Year: 3rd year
Major: English
Hometown: Ramona, CA


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