Ella's Green House Cleaning

House calls in Davis and nearby spots
Flexible hours
(530) 757-2629
<ekkruk AT gmail DOT com>
Payment Method(s)
Cash or Check, please

Ella's Green House Cleaning is a cleaning company; Ella will come clean your house in a green manner.


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2009-04-04 10:10:26   I do not recommend Ella's service. My former roommates and myself were in a bind—one roommate remained, but several years of roommate dirt was in the house. We all chipped in for Ella, so that the remaining person wouldn't get slammed. Long story short, Ella bailed at the last minute (a day or two before we were supposed to move out) so that we couldn't even get another cleaner in. Our apartment was "too dirty." I feel that if she's going to reject clients because of dirtiness level, she should assess the place way ahead of time to allow a suitable replacement to be found. —AlexKarner

2014-01-17 12:54:45   Great job! My house is very clean! Ella offered the lowest rate around, spent several hours cleaning my place, and even shared some trade secrets with me for cleaning tough spots. She did a fantastic job and I have already hired her to come back again in two weeks. —AmandaKimball

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