Eloisa Flores, CMP - Massage and Body Wraps

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eloisa2.jpgEloisa Flores, CMP

Location 617 G Street in Suite A1
Hours Mon, Tue, Wed 3pm - 8pm
Phone (530) 902-1362
Website, Online Booking [WWW]http://www.downtown-davis-massage.com
Established 2011-10-01
Payment Method(s) Cash, Check, Visa, Mastercard

Eloisa Flores offers a soothing, integrated blend of deep tissue, myofascial muscle work, wellness massage, and stretching in her massage therapy. The mother of three girls, Eloisa has a fine-tuned understanding of the daily aches and pains of a busy life. She began giving her own mother massages at a young age, and pursued her massage training at the Davis Massage Therapy Institute.

In addition to massage therapy, Eloisa offers a toning and detoxifying body wrap that is great for the holidays/cold season. The body wrap includes exfoliation, toning balm and serum, and lymphatic massage and skin rolling to target congested cellulite areas. It is a totally relaxing yet refreshing experience!

Eloisa is a therapist at Downtown Davis Massage and Wellness (click for reviews.)

Eloisa offers a student discount of 15% off per massage or body treatment.

Online booking and gift certificates are available on the website.


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