Emergency Services



Davis is a good town. Some call it a bubble. But bad things can happen.

  1. Calling 911
  2. When to call 911
  3. When NOT to Call 911
  4. Sources of information during a city-wide emergency
  5. General sources of emergency information
  6. Individual Agencies Contact Information
    1. Fire
    2. Police
    3. Medical (human)
    4. Medical (other animals)
    5. Weather
    6. Other
  7. Past Town Wide Emergencies
  8. 2008 Informational Mailing
  9. Shelter info

Calling 911

When to call 911

911 should be reserved for the most dire of medical emergencies, but when in doubt, call anyway.

Health conditions warranting calling 911 include (but are not limited to):

Other situations warranting calling 911:

When NOT to Call 911

Sources of information during a city-wide emergency

General sources of emergency information

Individual Agencies Contact Information

Cell phone calls to 911 will not be sent to local agencies. These are the emergency numbers.



Medical (human)

Medical (other animals)



Past Town Wide Emergencies

The January 5th 2008 Storm resulted in an extended power outage.

2008 Informational Mailing

Emergency_Information_Flyer_2008_1.png Emergency_Information_Flyer_2008_2.png

Shelter info

Anybody know where local shelters are (in case of a disaster that destroys or makes many homes temporarily unavailable)? Specifically, it might be a good idea to note if the emergency shelter plan will allow animals. That way pet owners can make backup plans if the local shelters are not going to be allowing non-service animals (or also note local groups that have advanced plans to offer emergency shelter).

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