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I'm looking for someone with a pickup truck who can help me move 3 items (futon, desk and filing cabinet) on September 1st @ noon 0.3 miles to my new apartment. The job will require the ability to move the 3 items down two flights of stairs and up one flight. I estimate the job should take no more than 1-2 hour at most. If interested please emaill dholeary@ucdavis.edu with your fee. Thanks!

08/09/2014 Pole Line Road Baptist Church is seeking a part-time worship leader 12 hours per week, starting at $12-$15/hr. depending on experience. For information please inquire to: personnelplrbc@gmail.com

11/7/2011 Discovery Preschool is hiring for an Assistant Teacher position
Fully qualified early childhood educators please review this job posting:

Geeks Who Drink is Looking For Hosts!
Geeks Who Drink, a national pub quiz (think trivia night, but better) company is coming to Davis and Sacramento! We're looking for people to host the quiz and deal with drunken nerds and nerdy drunks. For more information, check out our website at [WWW]http://www.geekswhodrink.com/188/Be%20a%20Quizmaster/ 8/30/11

2011-08-16 16:02:37   California Green Clean is looking for a house cleaner IMMEDIATELY!
Pay is $10.50 per hour to start. Experience is preferred, but not required. Must pass a background check, drug test, have car, cell and access to a computer. Must be able to work Thursday, Friday and Saturdays. Work will primarily be in Davis and Woodland areas. Please call 916.497.0333. —AngelaArthur

UC Davis

General Local Job Listings

Popular Local Employment

Of course, you can also go around town and throw your resume at anyone with a "Help Wanted" sign in their window (though we would actually recommend handing your resume to the person in charge in a polite and professional manner, as throwing it may not be conducive to obtaining a job, and could conceivably even result in assault charges). If you'd really like to work someplace in particular, but they don't have openings listed, give them your resume anyways. Many local businesses hire as-needed based on resumes they receive unsolicited.

You can learn how to apply for different jobs at the job applications page.

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Clinical and Experimental Trials

Nontraditional Employment and Fast Cash


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2008-12-17 10:14:40   Does anyone know if UCD (campus, not health system) has a hiring freeze on right now? I'm guessing so since all their job openings have been removed from the website, but hadn't heard anything for sure. —AmLin

2009-02-04 00:26:08   If you are looking for a movie role or extra spot for your children, I found a great place. [WWW]http://www.gimmerightnow.com/talent. Our son found a paid extra spot in a film in San Francisco. —nancyjohnson

2014-01-11 19:31:33   Hello Davis! Good news Red 88 has an open position for a front of house employee. So hurry on down and fill out an application, we will be conducting interviews for noteworthy applicants as soon as possible. Come join our team! We are located at 223 G St.

Red 88 Management —DanielleHarter

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