1. Bands
  2. University Performance Groups
  3. Live Music Venues
  4. On Campus Film Organizations
  5. Movie Theaters
  6. Museums and Art
  7. Literature
  8. Haunted Houses
  9. Physical Activity
  10. Physical Activity and Performance
  11. Theater Companies
  12. Stage Theaters
  13. Dance Companies
  14. Comedy
  15. Broadcasting
  16. Entertainment for Hire
  17. International Film Clubs

Davis has myriad choices when it comes to entertainment. From music to movies, from stage shows to sculptures, you can find whatever tickles your fancy in town. In addition to those listed here there is also a list of "Good Places to take Parents" that students can consult when their families are coming to visit.


University Performance Groups

Absurd in the Gallery[WWW]http://www.absurdword.com

Live Music Venues

On Campus Film Organizations

Movie Theaters

Museums and Art


Haunted Houses

Physical Activity

Physical Activity and Performance

Theater Companies

Stage Theaters

Dance Companies

See Dancing for list of Performing Dance Groups



Entertainment for Hire

See Entertainment for Hire

International Film Clubs

* yolo county film society

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