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Eric Friedman graduated from UC Davis in 2008 with a BA in Political Science and a minor in Global and International Studies. He served as an ASUCD Senator from Fall 2006 - Fall 2007. During his term, Eric initiated many major projects, all of which have had a lasting impact on the UC Davis community. He is currently a Youth Crew Leader for the Montana Conservation Corps based in Helena, Montana.

Eric was instrumental in the allocation of funds for the electrical outlet expansion of the University Library's Extended Hours Reading Room, along with former ASUCD President Kareem Salem. Eric's principle accomplishment, the passage of an ASUCD Senate Resolution calling on the UC Regents to reinstate the University of California's study abroad program to Israel, was introduced nearly verbatim as California State Senate Resolution 18 [WWW]SR.18 by former State Senator Carole Migden (D-San Francisco) on January 17, 2008, Eric's Birthday. The resolution was unanimously adopted by the California State Senate on July 7, 2008. As a consequence, the University of California has finally decided to reverse course, and tentatively beginning in the Fall of 2009, the University of California will reopen it's study abroad program at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. Eric also authored numerous pieces of legislation and bylaw revisions, which are listed below. He also worked with Campus Union administrators to begin the practice of keeping the Memorial Union open 24 hours a day during finals week.

Eric is a brother of Alpha Epsilon Pi Fraternity and served as Rush Chair in the Fall of 2007. He also was an active leader in the Jewish community, serving as the Secretary of the Jewish Student Union, and a Board member of Hillel at Davis and Sacramento. In addition to his leadership responsibilities, he worked as a Campus Tour Guide for UC Davis Visitor Services and volunteered as a Transfer Panelist for Undergraduate Admissions recruitment events. Eric enjoys to go hiking and rock climbing in his spare time, and loves to talk about politics.

Eric originally ran for the ASUCD Senate on the Student Focus Slate, though subsequently contributed to the formation of the GO slate during the Fall 2007 ASUCD Election.

Legislation Authored

Accomplishments as an ASUCD Senator

Other Campus Involvement

Fall 2006 Candidate Statement


My name is ERIC FRIEDMAN, and I’m running with STUDENT FOCUS to represent you on the ASUCD Senate! I love this school and if elected, I will be committed to responsibly serving our student community!

I transferred to UC Davis in the fall of 2005, after spending a year and a half at [WWW]Santa Monica College, a community college in Los Angeles. As an ASUCD senator, I will be an advocate for transfer students because I realize what an invaluable resource the community college system is for those that need a second chance to get into a top tier university like UC Davis! I am now a senior majoring in International Relations and minoring in [WWW]Middle East / South Asian Studies and Jewish Studies. I have a strong work ethic, and over the past year, I have been involved in different campus organizations that have given me excellent leadership experiences.

My activities and experience:

What I want to accomplish as a senator:

I would like to see ASUCD outreach more effectively to the student community.

I believe that promoting inter-cultural awareness is vital to the welfare of all students.

I would like to see some internal ASUCD reforms that promote transparency and accountability among senators.

Make more services available to you!

Please join my facebook group: [WWW]

Student Focus Fall 2006 Platform - We're Here For You!

We'll Provide More Entertainment for You

We'll Improve Existing Services for You

We'll Provide More Information for You

We'll Make Your Money Work Harder for You


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Wasn't Eric also the VP for the Queer Student Union? JimSchwab

I was just an active member of QSU last spring quarter. I held some meetings at my house and paid about $150 for a BBQ at Rainbow City Park. I was in the process of initiating a coup d'etat, (or majorly reforming the organization, however you look at it), but others in the Queer community were resistant to my reforming efforts. So, I decided to become a senator. —EricFriedman

2007-11-24 17:27:12   Eric, the more you and other people visit your page on Wiki, the higher it'll be in the google search. If you're concerned about future employers finding it, then I'd advise that you let them realize the context of all the information. As someone who has been on in your shoes, I suggest that you delete all "slanderous" information and explain how it is slanderous, then leave the page be. —AndrewBianchi

2007-11-24 17:59:56   Eric was probably the worst Senator I've seen in ASUCD. His actions appear to indicate a lust for power without regard to the rules or other people, and he frequently ignores the advice of others. Even the senators who did nothing in their terms did a better job than he did. —BrentLaabs

2007-11-24 22:44:42   People can't walk off wiki like they can out of Senate meetings... —AndrewBianchi

2008-06-06 11:54:05   I just want to take a moment to thank Eric Friedman for his unequivocal display of his true character. It has been easy for me to determine just what sort of person he is based on his comments, especially on ["Fall 2007 ASUCD Election/Talk"]. The Senator has shown with great predictability his marrow of impertinent conceit and sarcasm. It is evident to me that Eric Friedman is nothing but an uncaring politico who realizes the student body's majority obliviousness to the comments he makes. —GregRobinson

2008-12-11 01:22:55   i didnt know about the california state senate resolution. Thats awesome Eric!

What does being a young professional consist of? —StevenLee

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