Erin Lebe


Erin Lebe is an ASUCD Senator. She ran, and won, with the LEAD slate in the Fall 2008 ASUCD election.

Candidate Statement

VOTEERIN.jpg My name is Erin Lebe, and I am a third year majoring in Political Science and Sociology here at UC Davis, running for ASUCD Senate with L.E.A.D. I am running primarily because ever since I was a freshman, I have had ideas for different ways to better our community here on campus. I decided that instead of leaving UC Davis seeing none of these things happen, I was going to make them happen.

I am running with L.E.A.D. because I believe in its mission statement of promoting diversity, and social justice, bettering the environment, giving students a better quality of life on campus, reforming ASUCD, and the university so that students are considered first, and using external advocacy so that state law-makers are aware of student's needs.


If you have any thing you would like to see happen or change on campus please do not hesitate to send me an email and if you see around campus come over, and say "Hi!" and introduce yourself, I would love to meet you!

Don't forget on November 12-14 vote Erin Lebe #1 for ASUCD Senate! Vote the rest of the L.E.A.D. slate #2-#6!

Experience and Activities

Platform Issues


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2008-10-13 23:57:30   Do you pledge to restore Aggie Pack funding to where it was before the post-2002 cuts? —JoseBleckman

I'm sorry that your question has gone unanswered and I hope Erin doesn't mind me telling you the answer is no. She didn't raise her hand at the forum to do this. Sorry buddy. - GregWebb

2008-11-11 15:25:23   How do you plan to help keep up financial support for Tier II mental health services in this year of steep budget cuts? Especially given that the state may make even deeper cuts to the current FY budget, how will you address protecting these programs within Student Affairs? —BrentLaabs

2008-11-11 23:29:02   I've been told that at the forum she indicated that she was unwilling to increase Aggie Pack funding. I find that really curious. Having said that, she seems to be the most qualified Lead kid this year. I just wish that she would be more honest about what her intentions are. —JoseBleckman

2008-11-12 20:23:17   I'm happy to see that at least one of our candidates has a sustainability project in mind that isn't simply to "recycle more and get professor's to print double sided." I think composting is a good next step. —AmanpreetSingh

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