Ethnic and Cultural Organizations


  1. Pancultural
  2. Asian
    1. Chinese
    2. Filipino/Pilipino
    3. Japanese
    4. Pacific Islander
    5. Vietnamese
    6. Indian/South Asian
  3. African
  4. European
  5. Middle Eastern
  6. Native American
  7. Mixed Race/Multiethnic

Ethnic and Cultural organizations are groups devoted to or focused on various ethnic or racial groups within Davis. Following each section is a very brief and general statement to help visitors understand the scope and background of each grouping. Please visit each individual page for a more specific description of each organization's scope and background.

photo.jpgThe Davis Family Mural is intended to show a spectrum of ethnic background

Also please keep in mind that Davis is a small but diverse community; though we may have no Inupiaq groups or Rroma meetings, we do enjoy the diversity offered by people who come from these background. We would encourage you to use the information on this page to borrow facilities in which you might meet.

See also: Student Organizations, under Ethnic/Cultural, for student organizations that may meet on campus and are approved by SPAC.






Pacific Islander


Indian/South Asian



Middle Eastern

Native American

Mixed Race/Multiethnic

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