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You can quickly get to this page by going to [] (that way it's easier to remember). You can quickly get to this page by going to ["events"] (that way it's easier to remember).

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Tuesday, April 22

Wednesday, April 23

Friday, April 25

Saturday, April 26

Sunday, April 27

Tuesday, April 29

Wednesday, April 30

Thursday, May 1

Friday, May 2

Saturday, May 3

Sunday, May 4

Tuesday, May 6

Friday, May 9

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Friday, May 16

Saturday, May 17

Sunday, May 18

Wednesday, May 21

Thursday, May 22

Friday, May 23

Saturday, May 24

Sunday, May 25

Friday, May 30

Saturday, May 31

Saturday, June 7

Monday, June 16

Friday, June 27

Monday, June 30

Monday, July 14

Friday, July 25

Saturday, August 2

Friday, August 22

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Note: You must be logged in to post an event.

This is the place to post community events! Just enter text as you would into the wiki. Try to use links to the pages associated with venues, etc (so if you say "Davis Music Scene" you should make that into a link, ["Davis Music Scene"]). This makes it easier for people to find out more information on the organization, etc. You can easily delete the event after posting it (if you make a mistake, etc). Note that this page is not intended for businesses to notify people about sales events.

Tips: You must be logged in to post an event. Include the event description, the location, start and end dates, start and end times, the cost (or note if free), and a link to further information/contact. Post a week (or more) in advance, if possible (but less than 3 months in advance). Events are assumed to be open to the public unless otherwise noted.

Images: To include a picture you must link to the picture externally (meaning it has to be hosted on some other website). Then just paste in the url of the image in brackets. So if the image is at you would put []. Feel free to include a flyer/other photo. (Just be sure to type the information too!) Note: Although your images can be of any size, Please be courteous and respectful and do not post unnecessarily large images. Keep in mind that some people view the board on laptops with small screens and images larger than will fit on a screen defeat their purpose. If your images are larger than approx. 800x600, use one of the free resizing services ([WWW] or [WWW] and/or use a link to the image instead of embedding the image.

You can quickly get to this page by going to (that way it's easier to remember).

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