Executive Office of the ASUCD President


The Executive Office of the ASUCD President consists of staff that assist the President with the day-to-day operations of ASUCD's Executive Branch. They also help to implement and coordinate various initiatives, projects, and events. They have offices on the 3rd floor of the Memorial Union.

The ASUCD Cabinet is a different group, often oriented around external affairs. Its members may include unit directors, commissioners, or others not paid as part of the Executive staff.

Executive Office of Carly Sandstrom
President: Carly Sandstrom
Vice President: Bradley Bottoms
Controller: Eric Evans

Chief of Staff: Carissa Lowe
Assistant to the President: Ashley Cheung
Director of Legislation and Policy: Joohi Kasliwal
Public Affairs Director: Katie Grainger
Special Projects Director: Joyce Han
Interns to the Office of the President:

Executive Office of Rebecca Sterling
President: Rebecca Sterling
Vice President: Yena Bae
Controller: Melanie Maemura

Chief of Staff: Sabrina Dias
Assistant to the President: Kimberly Hittelman
Director of Legislation and Policy: Eddie Yoo
Public Affairs Director: Alex Tavlian
Special Projects Director: Alison Yang
Interns to the Office of the President: Daniel Quintana, Katie Grainger

Executive Office of Adam Thongsavat
President: Adam Thongsavat
Vice President: Bree Rombi
Controller: Don Ho

Chief of Staff: Adrian Glass-Moore
Assistant to the President: Carly Sandstrom
Director of Legislation and Policy: Mohit Vasudeva
Public Affairs Director: Katherine Chen
Special Projects Director: Erica Padgett
Intern to the Office of the President: Adrian Glass-Moore
Community Project Director: Jared Crisologo-Smith

Executive Office of Kareem Salem

President: Kareem Salem
Vice President: Julie Hooper
Controller: Paul Harms

Chief of Staff: Kevin J. Powers

Deputy Chief of Staff: Alicia Cho
Legislative Director: Amy Hartstein, Jillian Weinstein (Former)
Director of Public Affairs: Greg Dizon
Communications Director: VACANT, R. Kyle Flick (Former)
Assistant to the Vice President:

Aide to the Chief of Staff': Fred Young
Legislative Aide:
Public Affairs Aide:
Communications Aide:

Executive Office of Darnell Holloway

President: Darnell Holloway
Vice President: Genna Carnes
Controller: Kai Savaree-Ruess

Chief of Staff: Julie Hooper, Greg Russell (Until 10/06)

Director of Public Affairs: Kevin J. Powers
Special Projects Coordinator: Christine Pham
Special Projects Coordinator: Tommy O'Connor
Legislative Clerk: Steven D. Lee

Executive Office of Caliph Assagai

President: Caliph Assagai
Vice President: Darnell Holloway
Controller: Devin Whitney

Chief of Staff: Usenima Inyang

Special Projects Coordinator: Monica Kirkland
Special Projects Coordinator: Michael Caporusso
Special Projects Coordinator:

Executive Office of Kalen Gallagher

Records from the Gallagher era can be found by asking Mark Champagne.

Executive Office of Peter Nguyen

President: Peter Nguyen
Vice President: Aaron Bloom
Controller: Shawn Harding

Chief of Staff: Rosa Cabrera
President's Intern: Lauren Taylor
Vice President's Intern:

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