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Office Location
354 Memorial Union
Meeting Schedule
Tuesdays beginning 5:10 PM at the Angelina Malfitano Conference Room (AMC Room), Memorial Union
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Principal Organization
Associated Students, University of California, Davis

The External Affairs Commission (EAC) is one of the seven commissions that advise the ASUCD Senate. They serve the Association and the greater Davis Community by establishing and/or maintaining relations with the University's administration and also off-campus bodies affecting student welfare.

The Commission

The ASUCD Constitution of 1996 establishes and gives the commission its organic responsibilities:

Though the Constitution and Bylaws state EAC as only responsible for off-campus bodies, Vice Presidents Hooper and Fluet construed "external" to mean matters outside of the Association's structure; this interpretation places issues of university relations, withstanding academic affairs, under the jurisdiction of EAC. In addition to its main duty to advise and recommend policies to the ASUCD Senate, the commission also:

Commission Membership
Consistent with Bylaws, the ASUCD Senate appoints to the commission nine voting members and up to four, but no less than two, alternate members at the discretion of the Chair of the Interviewing Committee. Additional non-voting, ex-officio members sit on the commission, as follows: the President, the Vice President, members of the ASUCD Senate, a designee from the Office of City and County Affairs; a designee from University Affairs; a designee from Lobby Corps; and a representative of the Graduate Student Association. The schedule for selection causes members' one-year terms to stagger: the chair and four commissioners serve Fall terms ending on June 30th; four commissioner serve Winter terms ending on December 31st; and all alternate members serve terms ending with each academic quarter.

Voting commissioners may serve as an ancillary commission officer, rotating every academic quarter. Bylaws state the chair shall appoint from amongst the commission a Vice Chair, subject to the commission's confirmation. In practice, past EAC Chairs observe a more democratic tradition: receiving nominations for the position and allowing the commission to vote. Established under Chair Lee, the commission also maintains the post of the Commission Clerk—responsible for submitting and archiving the records for each meeting. In the cases where no commissioner wishes to accept nomination as the Clerk, the Vice Chair assumes the vacated duties.

EAC's Current Work
The commission holds its regular meetings on Tuesdays at 5:10 PM at the Mee Room,Memorial Union (3rd Floor) and are open to the public. In Chair Sandstrom's most recent quarterly report, she outlined the 2012 Spring and Fall plan for the commission, such as:

External Affairs Commission - Fall Quarter 2012.jpgExternal Affairs Commission - Fall 2012 Music on the Green.jpgThe annual Music on the Green Volunteering.jpgVolunteering at Harper Junior High School by helping to create a community garden Staff Development.jpgEAC Commission members at Chipotle for Staff Development 3chairmen.jpg3 generations of EAC Chairmen: Steven D. Lee, Gregory J. S. Dizon, Michael K. Lay EAC0708.jpgEAC 2007-2008 EAC0607.JPGEAC 2006-2007 EAC.JPGEAC Comissioners circa 2004-2005. (back) Jane Finnegan, Chibuzo Gloria Uche, Elly Drygas, Avni Patel, Elyssa Hesky, Andrea Cheuk, (front) Pete Hernandez, Dan Boland, Eduardo Aguilar, Nico DeAnda-Scaia, Jeremy Gimbel

Members of the Commission

Chair & Presiding Officer
Jenna Wooster

Abire Sabbagh
Amelia Helland (Vice Chair)
Amy Ly
Azka Fayyaz
Julia Reifkind
Rafaela Bustamante
Shannon Smith

Alternate Members
Mandy Losk
Ben Roumimper
Julian Del Real-Calleros
Guillermo Hernandez-Lopez

Ex Officio Members
Designee from the Office of City and County Affairs
Designee from University Affairs
Designee from Lobby Corps
Representative from the Graduate Student Association


Former Commission Chairs
Jenna Wooster (Winter 13-Winter 14)
Emily Alice Gerhart (Fall 12- Winter 13)
Carly Sandstrom (Fall 11-Spring 12)
Dana Percoco (Fall 09-Spring 11)
Hyatt Cummings (-Spring 09)
Gregory Dizon1 2
EACSeal2009.jpg EACLogo.pngRetired commission seal used under Chair LeeSteven D. Lee (Spring 07-Fall 07)
Michael Lay (Fall 06-Winter 07)
Jenny Yu (Spring 06)
Jeremy Gimble (Fall 05-Winter 06)
Eduardo Aguilar (Spring 05)
Megan Gann (Fall 2004-Winter 2005))

Sherry Hashimoto (Fall 2000-Spring 2001)
UNKNOWN (Fall 1999-Spring 2000)
Brian O’Toole (Fall 1998-Spring 1999)
John Gould (Fall 1997- Spring 1998)
VACANT (Spring 1997)
Krista DeBusschere (Fall 1996-Winter 1997)
Karen Kwok (Spring 1996)
Damian Brown (Winter 1996)
Matt Bronson (Fall 1995)
Mark Stewart (Fall 1994-Spring 1995)
Sara Brown (Spring 1994)
Thomas Hoover (Fall 1993-Winter 1994)
Terstzan Soojian (Winter 1993-Spring 1993)
Curtis Rau (Fall 1992)
Wesley Namikawa (Fall 1991-Spring 1992)

Moving Up

What former members of EAC have gone on to aspire to. Many on this student government commission move on to hold other student government positions.

Carly Sandstrom ASUCD President
Yena Bae ASUCD Senator & ASUCD Vice President
Andre Lee ASUCD Senator
Michael Lay ASUCD Senator
Molly Fluet ASUCD Senator & ASUCD Vice President
Avni Patel ASUCD Senator
Alexandra Frick ASUCD Senator
Tracey Zeng ASUCD Senator
Kelly Brewer ASUCD Senator
Trevor Taylor ASUCD Senator
Greg Russell ASUCD Chief of Staff & Director of the ASUCD Office of City and County Affairs
Steven D. Lee Director of the ASUCD Office of City and County Affairs
Gregory J. S. Dizon Director of Public Affairs, Executive Office of ASUCD President Salem
Eli Yani ASUCD Controller and ASUCD Senator
Mona Sharif Associate Justice, ASUCD Court
Tiffany Setters Associate Justice, ASUCD Court
Brendan Repicky ASUCD Senator
Jared Crisologo-Smith ASUCD Senator
Erica Padgett ASUCD Senator
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