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This page has been created as a question and answer page for anyone with eye questions. Dr. Alex Baker, who practices with Helmus & Helmus, will check this page periodically and answer general questions about eyes that anyone may have.

The advice and information given here are strictly for entertainment purposes only. Please understand it is impossible for any health care provider to diagnose or treat any condition via a wiki or any other online source or other media. For the most accurate information please visit your family health care provider whether optical or otherwise.

This page is intended for questions about eye exams, eye disorders, eye procedures, etc., but not for questions about billing and insurance. Questions about billing and insurance should be addressed to your optometrist/ophthalmologist or insurance company.

Other optometrists and ophthalmologists in the community are welcome to respond to questions as well.

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Please ask away!

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2012-05-20 21:03:33   Dr. Baker, with today's eclipse a lot of people were talking about what you could do safely and what you couldn't. One friend used welding glasses. That worried me a bit. I got into a disagreement with another friend about whether it was worse to look at the sun during an eclipse, or just that it is always bad to look at the sun but that you would never otherwise be inclined to do that. Any thoughts about good/bad practices during an eclipse? —CovertProfessor

2012-05-20 21:48:08   One of my biggest issues with spring allergies is eye irritation. I can medicate all the other symptoms, but the itchy eyes are difficult. Are there advantages or drawbacks to the different eye drops that are available over the counter? —DonShor

I have considered getting some form of laser surgery for my 20/140 left eye. Apparently my prescription has been increasing a slight bit every year. How long do you think it will take to stabilize and what should I look for in a Lasik Doctor? Daubert

2012-05-21 21:31:21   I have highly myopic eyes, I am 44 and my eyes are still getting more myopic every year, in stead of stabilizing. What ophthalmologists and opticians in the Netherlands always say: on average eyes stabilize only in the mid-forties, not in mid-twenties. So I never heard of stabilizing in mid-twenties? My case proves this. My father had the same. —ConstantiaOomen

Dr. Baker Thanks, but I somehow don't think the myopic eyes of Americans will stabilize in their mid-twenties and the myopic eyes of Europeans in their mid-forties. :-) I explicitly speak about myopic eye-sight and I am definitely a highly experienced person in knowing what it is, to have ‘changing eye sight’. I wouldn't recommend eye laser surgery to anyone, accept their eye sight hasn't changed at all for -let's say – 7 years. And still, it’s a risky operation. —ConstantiaOomen

btw: I like this page. I've been to the Helmus & Helmus Store on Second Street and the service was very good. (and I need to go there again ;-) ) —ConstantiaOomen

2013-04-10 12:15:00   Since there hasn't been any activity in a while, and I was prompted to write an article for another purpose, I thought I would include the content that I wrote here as well. Hopefully it will be useful to some. The first question is: Is it OK to sleep while wearing my contact lenses?

Is it bad to wear the contacts beyond the recommended disposal period?

My contacts seem to get torn easily, what is wrong?

I’ve been wearing the same brand of contacts for years with no problems, so why should I switch to a newer lens?

I wear contacts full-time, so why do I need glasses?

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