FARM 2.6

25450 County Road 95
Nearest cross street is Road 31 - Covell
October 15, 2011
<farmdavis AT gmail DOT com>

NEXT WORKDAY :: February 23 :: 11 am— 1pm

About Farm 2.6

button.jpg FARM 2.6 is a sister project to the K Street FARM, the Valdora Street FARM and the Hooper Street FARM, part of the [WWW]FARM Davis network. FARM is an alternative form of non-violent protest, reclaiming public space to build community, providing services for under served and transient populations and/or rehabilitating toxic land. FARM 2.6 aims to re-imagine our food systems, the way we learn, the way we connect to each other, and the way we connect to the land.

FARM 2.6 has a 2.6 acre plot of land (hence the name) that we are transforming into a highly productive farm. 1/2 of the crop output is donated to low-income and homeless resources. We eat the other half! Currently we are donating crops to the Cesar Chavez residence, where no income/low income and formerly homeless people have a safe place to stay. Counselors there teaches residents how to cook with the food we provide. Read about our Day at FARM 2.6 Workshop and Barn Dance [WWW]Davis Enterprise.

We have planned work days that are posted at the top of this page. We are not a hierarchical organization: everyone has an equal say in what and how we will plant and grow food. Feel free to join us whenever you can– no firm commitment ever required.

We have 11 chickens, a horse, 2 young sheep, and 2 barn cats.

Current Projects

* Fiber and Dye Garden
* Wheat Field
* Food Forest
* Vineyard
* Row Crops

Before FARM 2.6


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