FARM Davis

We have three locations: K St, Valdora St, and County Road 95
Whenever you can stop by during daylight hours
October 31, 2009
<farmdavis AT gmail DOT com>

NEXT WORKDAY: December 6 :: 11am - 1pm at FARM 2.6 (25450 County Road 95)

Amount of food we have donated since 2010: 4862.75 lbs

About Farm Davis

Farm.jpg FARM Davis is an alternative form of civic action, building community through sustainable farming of public and private space, assisting low-income and homeless populations, and integrating local and real food into mainstream culture and education.

We have 3 plots of land that we are transforming into a highly productive farm. At least 1/2 of the crop output is donated to low-income and homeless resources. We share the remaining portion! Currently we are donating crops to the Cesar Chavez Plaza, where no income/low income and formerly homeless people have a safe place to stay and to Davis Community Meals. If you need seeds for your garden, let us know! We would like you to use the seeds to feed yourself and if you can, to donate half your harvest to someone who needs fresh food. Then save your seeds and give them away to someone else.

We have planned work days that are posted at the top of this page. Feel free to join us whenever you can– no firm commitment ever required.

We have chickens, Sheep, and a horse! See our coop building diagram and progress photos below.

Before FARM

before.jpga wasteful front lawn

Current Crop Layout

crop_layout.pngClick to view full size

Chicken Coop Progress Photos:

coop.jpgpainted coop

coop2.jpginside coop


Ed_sniffing_manure.jpgEd (Very Seriously) Sniffs Manure!

compost.jpgMichael's Amazing Compost Work + Robyn) shoveling.jpgShoveling (Charlie, Dustin, & Geoff) Emily_Sonya.jpgMaking Raised Bed Frames (Emily & Sonya) Laura_Lauren.jpgPlanting Areas (Laura & Lauren) everyone.jpg(Almost) everyone! end.jpgEnd of day end2.jpgEnd of day

January 2010:

jan.jpgFARM Davis in January

February 2010:

mustard.jpgFARM mustard in February

March 2010:

Poppies in March.jpgPoppies in March

April 2010:

april_2010.jpgfrom the street

lettuce_april-2010.jpgperfect head of lettuce

August 2010:

chicks1.jpg2-week old chicks-front to back: Georgia, Snowball, Hershey, Golden, Sunshine

chicks2.jpgright to left: Sunshine, Golden, Hershey

September 2010:

hotpeppers.jpghot peppers

chard.jpgchard and corn watermelon.jpgwatermelon okra.jpgokra

October 2010:

cool_davis_day.jpgCool Davis Event

April 2011:

cocoa.jpgCocoa- the Ameraucana chick

blacky.jpgBlacky- the Black Sex Link chick snicker.jpgSnickerdoodle- the Rhode Island Red chick happy.jpgHappy- the Buff Orpington chick

May 2011:

bench2.jpgold fence, left over wood and a iimb from the cherry tree pruning

bench.jpgThree men and a bench

We Need

Discussion Space

There is a page for FARM Davis members to discuss internal business: Discussion Space

Some Press

[WWW]SF Moma Blog, June 2009
[WWW]Videos on Potrero View
[WWW]Podcast from Savannah College of Art & Design (MP3, 62.0 MB)
[WWW]Local Dirt: KDVS Radio
[WWW]Fast Company Magazine


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2009-10-13 15:58:30   Next workday: October 31, 1pm- come dressed as your favorite legume! —RobynW

2009-11-01 08:19:37   AMAZING workday yesterday everyone! Awesome people, great food, and we've almost got ourselves a FARM! —RobynW

2009-11-23 12:08:57   Yeay, i love the layout diagram. Just the sort of nerdy thing I appreciate. —sonyacollier

2010-02-26 18:15:24   wow, this looks like a great project! good work and great of you to share on the wiki! —DerekDowney

2010-05-19 08:59:58   This is awesome! —jefftolentino

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