Focus on Student LEADership (FOSL) is the brainchild of Mr. Kai, Mustafa, and P-Money. They are currently recruiting commission chairs, commissioners, and interim directors of anything for their tres cool slate. FOSL is going end partisanship in ASUCD, and will promote values concurrent with SF and LEAD, etc. Maybe. Meh.


Platform Agenda:

Elected officials are not allowed in this slate.

Other members:


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What is the plan to end partisanship without support of Senate members? Strictly keeping the commissions neutral? —JosephBleckman

2006-10-25 00:03:51   Jill is my favorite! —TylerFelix

2006-11-09 01:47:32   Yeah right Tyler, quit kidding yourself. You know I've ALWAYS been your favorite! —AndrewBianchi

2006-12-04 00:54:43   I've been considering your plan to move Senate meetings to the Silo Pub. It might be a good way to get more public voices in student gov. I guess the main issue could revolve around the costs of keeping the place open late, yet considering the lack of on campus food places after 8 (excluding the DCs) it could be worth a try. With at least 13 hungry Senate peeps down there, plus the normal potential campus crowd, that setup might be capable of turning a profit for them. What's the latest on this plan? —JosephBleckman

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