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espressogate n. The scandal in which Rebecca Lovell was fired from her job at the ASUCD Coffee House for giving out free espresso, while seeking the office of ASUCD Senator on the GO slate.

Becca Lovell was fired from her job at the Coffee House (also known as CoHo) because she had been giving free espresso and other drinks to her friends. She was let go November 14, 2007. She is currently trying to become a Senator, which oversees the Coffee House.

According to Senator Sundstrom, "Lovell spoke with her boss today and she is leaving the CoHo to pursue a more career-oriented job." However, many others have confirmed getting free drinks, and one CoHo supervisor referred the matter to Sharon Coulson, director of the Coffee House, shortly before Lovell left the job. It is rumored that Lovell was subsequently referred to Student Judicial Affairs as a result of this controversy, but due to various privacy policies, no one is able to properly confirm or deny such a referral.

There are other GO Controversies in this election, too.


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2007-11-14 18:52:03   Is this alleged, or is there a link/claim/source that she was fired for that reason? —EdWins

2007-11-14 18:53:21   Back when I was in SOSSS, each candidate took a solemn vow: To embezzle unmore than other senators. We kept our word, but it doesn't look like Becca will be taking that vow. —BrentLaabs

2007-11-14 18:55:50   Again, Davis Wiki is the source. You don't remember the days when dwiki was like the only source for open information on ASUCD. You're just going to have to trust that I wouldn't make anything up. Though some of my case on the other page might have come from overstated information, I trust the wiki to find the truth within a day. —BrentLaabs

2007-11-14 18:59:19   I do remember. I started to love reading the wiki when it was first pushing for publicity :P But we *now* have people from multiple political groups always trying to snip at each other, it gets harder to take things written as is, despite the source (unless of course it was SteveO). But it's more about fairness - I may trust you personally, but it's not too fair for yours to go unquestioned while someone else's is. —EdWins

2007-11-14 19:02:19   I agree with Edwin. The Davis wiki is supposed to be about facts, not about leaning towards the political majority, which seems to be LEAD and their allies at the moment. We really need some more evidence of this controversy even occuring to be WRITTEN here, not just talked about by even the most trustworthy of sources. —PaulAmnuaypayoat

2007-11-14 22:27:11   I disagree with the "if it wasn't written somewhere else it didn't happen" mentality expressed in comments above. This is all well and good for issues out in the real world where its plausible that if it isn't written somewhere else it probably in fact DID not happen, but Daviswiki is still a primary source of information for Davis. There will be saucy allegations and messy counterclaims, but in the end, the truth will come out. As to this bit of information, I have no particular reason to believe Brent Laabs would be making it up (which isn't to say I'm 100% certian its true). —KrisFricke

2007-11-14 22:53:33   I vaguely remember her offering free coffee to whoever helped her chalk in the morning. —GregWebb

"2007-11-14 23:00:00" She was definitely fired today. Thatisall.

2007-11-15 13:09:45   Hahaha. Espressogate. Classic! Back to post something for my fraternity (DX Toys for Tots- Dec 6!) and I see it's my favorite time of fall quarter in Davis. I see the same characters here discussing the same issues still - some things never change I suppose. My two cents: there's gossip and there's fact, and a gray area in between, and it really depends on where the wiki wants to be on that spectrum. Want Daviswiki to be like PerezHilton.com (the Fricke/Laabs contingent)? Or more like the gold-standard Wikipedia (Amnuaypayoat)? I do (not surprisingly) come down on the side of this issue with Paul (which is what IS surprising - a first?). But I guess, like everything Daviswiki, it's up to the users. Good luck on that philosophical adventure... [PS: if any of you end up in Berkeley- shoot me an email. We can catch coffee or something and relive the old days] —ThomasLloyd

2007-11-16 14:20:33   It's inaccurate to say she left the job as she was forced to leave her job. Apparently, the management of the Coffee House is preventing anyone from testifying that she was fired, so I'm not quite sure how a hearing would take place. - RubyThursday

2007-11-16 15:43:16   I would like to remind everybody to please respect Becca's privacy rights. There are only 5 people that know exactly what happened and, looking at the names that have contributed to this page, none of you are a part of that five.

GO condemns Becca's actions. However, her issue is confidential and should remain that way until she chooses to release the facts. —Motamed

2007-11-18 19:18:40   Paul A: Thank you for your comment. Paul H: Becca is still a member of GO, however, GO does not support her involvement in what has been labeled 'Espressogate'. If you have any further questions, Paul, I would be happy to talk to you in person. —Motamed

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