Fall 2008 ASUCD election


The polls opened at 8AM Wednesday, November 12, and closed at 8AM Friday, November 14.


The victors

Vote distribution

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
Mo Torres 402 296 240 231 150 178 134 124 111
Joemar Clemente 278 245 280 240 233 183 140 135 75
Danny Garrett 430 240 219 225 196 209 137 125 101
Gianni Rosas-Maxemin 285 209 230 172 139 180 149 173 133
Erin Lebe 303 364 326 280 232 157 102 78 96
Justin Patrizio 284 281 271 162 161 128 192 162 93
Laura Pulido 372 391 282 244 194 176 115 86 76
Greg Webb 310 205 157 126 111 92 107 160 337
Jack Zwald 337 266 218 222 243 204 145 118 111
Totals 3001 2497 2223 1902 1659 1507 1221 1161 1133

This makes Greg Webb the most hated person on campus, which is surprising considering that just about everyone under the sun endorsed him. Then again, he made a lot of LEAD partisans angry towards the end with his attacks on the slate system and individuals pushing what he considered to be flawed policy.

Also,the range of #1 votes in this election was unusual, as the difference between most first place votes (Danny) and least first place votes (Joemar) is only 152.

Finally, just to prove once again that every vote counts, Greg Webb was eliminated in the 7th Round because he was behind Justin Patrizio by the equivalent of 7 first place votes. It is common in ASUCD elections for the final candidates to be decided by razor thin margins, such as Andrew Bianchi's loss in the Winter 2006 ASUCD Election, Lauren Thomas in Fall 2007, Poonam Dayalji in Winter 2008, etc. In each of these races, the determination of who was the last candidate to be eliminated was less than 20.




Election Summary

Due to the dissolution of the GO slate and thus the absence of a slate/slate battle, there is considerably less drama in this fall election. The election has featured some changes from elections of the past, with AGTV providing candidates the opportunity to shoot ads and a more debate structured forum style. The latter brought about much discussion of the following issues:

COHO Debate

The COHO debate was largely Webb vs LEAD, with Webb criticizing the point of funding the OA due to its vacancies and perceived uselessness. He also alleged that LEAD has bad hiring practices, a claim quickly denounced at the next ASUSD Senate meeting. Greg stands by the allegations because they originated from Amy Hartstein. Brent would like to point out that he's never seen an ASUCD Senate with good hiring practices.

LEAD candidates stated that the slate system does not make them a unitary think-tank and stated that they are all "independent". Despite this, there seemed to be little difference between the LEAD candidates on issues, the most notable may have been Jack Zwald's stance on changing UC Standards. Jack Zwald boldly stated that he will not raise your student fees.


The California Aggie

  1. Greg Webb

  2. Jack Zwald

  3. Justin Patrizio

  4. Mo Torres

  5. Erin Lebe

  6. Laura Pulido

Davis College Republicans

  1. Greg Webb

  2. Jack Zwald

Davis College Democrats (no particular order)

Brent Laabs

  1. Jack Zwald

  2. Greg Webb

Joseph Bleckman

  1. Greg Webb

  2. Justin Patrizio

Steve Ostrowski

  1. Greg Webb (video endorsement, featured on YouTube but removed after the election)



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2008-11-11 10:29:53   This will go down as the most boring ASUCD election in years. Hands down. (I know most of campus truly appreciates the lack of drama, though.) —PaulHarms

2008-11-11 10:38:29   I'm really surprised that GO/Student Focus just crumbled. I'm more surprised that dwiki isn't ASUCDwiki before an election, for once. —WilliamLewis

2008-11-11 11:49:16   I'm really impressed with Jack Zwald, even though he's "my opponent". I think he gets it and he's pretty pragmatic with his approach to student government. He's not running on changing FDA regulations, he knows how he's going to pay for his ideas and he's informed of the job he seeks. He's definitely the best of the LEAD candidates so if you're voting LEAD vote Jack Zwald #1.

If you're voting for change...nobody's been taking on the status quo more than me. But I would caution people to stay away from some of the less-seasoned candidates. They made it pretty clear during the debate that they really haven't looked at the budget or know much about ASUCD Senate. It's not debilitating but it's not always best to have a senator that can't get started because they have to figure thing out along the way.

I also think it's funny that LEAD has come out in support of GO's infamous "pizza money" cuts.

But..those are just my views. —GregWebb

LEAD didn't come out against staff development, I said that we should look into where it is going and see if it's a worthwhile cut. Nobody has come out "in support", I've simply put it on the table. -Jack Zwald

2008-11-11 21:07:41   You know... I had no idea there was an election going on tomorrow... I've just stopped caring since Go died... —CarlosOverstreet

2008-11-11 21:54:18   Where did Go, well, Go? —IDoNotExist

2008-11-14 00:50:52   It appears we have been haunted by the ghost of Darth Steve. Hopefully, the Spirit of the Brown Act will make an appearance as well. —BrentLaabs

2008-11-17 20:38:00   There was an election? —DavidPoole

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