Fall 2011 ASUCD Election


The Fall 2011 ASUCD Election was held for a 72 hour period between November 7 and November 10, 2011 8AM to 8AM to elect candidates to the ASUCD Senate. Six of the twelve ASUCD Senate seats will be filled during this election cycle. The CoHo debate was Thursday November 3, 2011 and a dorm debate was held in Tercero on Thursday November 3, 2011 as well.

There were 7 candidates running for Senate during this election cycle, making it the least contested election in recent ASUCD history. Voter turnout was 2810 students; 11.36% of the undergraduate population. The low number of candidates likely contributed highly to this statistic. In fact, this page is so short because no one cared about the election all that much, it being almost a foregone conclustion.

In this ASUCD Election, the elected candidates were: Justin Goss, Anni Kimball, Erica Padgett, Jared Crisologo-Smith, Patrick Sheehan, and Yara Zokaie. All but Independent candidate Goss ran on the BOLD slate.

Aggie Endorsements

1. Jared Crisologo-Smith
2. Charlie Colato
3. Patrick Sheehan
4. Yara Zokaie
5. Justin Goss

Bizarro World

These are not the actual election results, but fun we can have with the data. The usual disclamers apply, such as voter behavior being different in a system without choice voting, etc.

Top 6

What if the top six vote-getters were elected, counting people's top 6 rankings?

Votes(Top 6) Name
1634 Annamaria Kimball
1625 Erica Padgett
1584 Yara Zokaie
1583 Jared Crisologo-Smith
1577 Patrick Sheehan
1435 Charlie Colato
1267 Justin Goss

Most Hated

Who got the most last-ranked votes? In this case, it's a count of vote rank #7, which will mathematically never be counted.

Votes(Last) Name
423 Justin Goss
146 Patrick Sheehan
131 Yara Zokaie
130 Charlie Colato
121 Jared Crisologo-Smith
98 Annamaria Kimball
72 Erica Padgett



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2011-12-04 19:31:53   7 candidates for 6 positions. Whatever happened to democracy in the ASUCD. I recognize school politics can be petty and often meaningless but this is ridiculous. And, while choice voting is somewhat a savior, one political party sounds too much like China. —RobRoy

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