Fiddlers Green

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CAFF_JimEldon.jpgFarmer Jim Eldon of Fiddlers Green Farm

Farm Location
18265 County Road 70, Brooks
Call to visit the farm or find at the Davis Farmers Market
(530) 796-2184
Farm Owner
Jim Eldon
Available at
Davis Farmers Market
Payment Methods
Cash, Davis Dollars

One of the farms in the Davis area. Jim's is also one of the owners/partners of Monticello Seasonal Cuisine restaurant, but will continue to sell his produce at the market Davis Farmers Market and Marin Farmers Market.


Seasonally available at the Davis Farmers Market
Not all produce is available each year. Give him a call if you want to order a specific variety.
You can find plenty of Asian greens, chards, kales, and spicy mustard greens here, along with lots of other produce.


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2011-07-07 21:59:13   The wild spring weather has meant we continue to have lots of salad mix! We lost the tomatoes to a late freeze, but the farm is looking beautiful. —JRose

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