Fo' Paws Pet Grooming/Comments prior to Pawsitive Groomers splitting off


Comments for The Craft of Fo' Paws, prior to Pawsitive Groomers splitting off.

2010-03-25 16:58:40   Excellent service. My Goldendoodle looked great. They even left a little tuft of hair over his nonexistent family jewels. —JimStewart

2010-12-18 18:03:50   We took our St. Bernard here after Petco couldn't handle him and asked us not to come back. He's a high-maintenance dog with a thick, matted coat, who hates being groomed...but he came back happy and looking great. We are very thankful! —scompton15

2010-12-19 00:10:28   I've had dogs that need to be groomed since I was about sixteen, that was a.....while ago, so I've been to lots of groomers over the years. So when my dogs (a Bichon, a tough cut, and a Pug, an easy bath) look great, go in happily, and come out the same, I know I have found the place. The staff here are wonderful and kind people as well! —Davidlm

2011-03-06 11:46:06   WARNING - my husband and I were at the Davis Rock yard yesterday March 5th and happen to see the pet grooming place. I was watching a lady groom a little dog with long black hair (i think it was a Japanese Chin). She was working on taking a bow/rubber band from off the dogs head. She basicly ripped it out along with a bunch of hair. she ripped it out so hard that the rubber ban snapped and hit her hand and she yelled ouch! The poor little dog yelped. I waited around for quite a while to wait for some owner to come by - no one came. I told the Ace employee. I started this account in hopes that the owner of that little dog will not go back there. I would never go there. I was very upset. —BridgetDavis

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