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fnb.gif FNB_Davis_Sign_05_2008.jpgFood Not Bombs in Central Park

Central Park, 4th & C, at the benches around the oak tree
None. Go to the park and talk to us.
Email Or go to the park and talk to us.
FNB Web Collective
February 4th, 1996 (in Davis)

Food Not Bombs (FNB) Davis has been serving free, delicious vegetarian meals to the Davis community since 1996. They serve year-round (except for rare occasions beyond the control of the volunteers). FNB Davis hates waste. By reclaiming food that would otherwise be discarded and feeding people, we make a statement. FNB Davis (and those that eat our food!) is grateful to those who donate our source ingredients (Davis Food Co-op, Delta of Venus, Village Bakery, and others) and those who provide our kitchen facilities.

Update: 08/16/2014

Davis Food Not Bombs will be back starting this Sunday. Stop by the park Sunday at 1 to join us for a meal or to learn about getting involved!


The long time members have retired. A new members has volunteered, but we need your help to keep Davis Food Not Bombs going! Stop by the park Sunday at 1 or shoot us an email to get involved.

davischapter-foodnotbombs.jpgFood Not Bombs at Whole Earth Festival 2006

Update: 07/27/2014

Current members of Davis Food Not Bombs have decided to retire. The last meal/celebration they are having is on 07/27/2014. Thanks to all the members over the years and all the people we've met and have been a part of our lives. We appreciate everyone! Thank you!

Those who are interested in keeping Davis Food Not Bombs in operation are welcome to take up the torch. Food Not Bombs is about making things happen and that means you can make it happen! You can do it!

Past Davis Food Not Bombs Benefits

The Davis Food Not Bombs 2014 Benefit Show on March 30 Was A Huge Success!
Thanks to everyone who made it happen!
Thanks to the bands: Dead Dads, Magi-Kool Doods, Strange Party
Thanks to the Third Space Art Collective for letting us have it!


The Davis Food Not Bombs 2012 Benefit Show On July 7 Was A Great Success!
Thanks to everyone who made it happen!
Thanks to the bands: Alarms, Magi-Kool Doods, Ennui Trust, Chickiebobs/Noxious
Thanks to the Davis Bike Collective for letting us have it!


The Davis Food Not Bombs 2009 Benefit Show Was A Huge Success!
Thanks to everyone who came out, thanks to the bands (Broken Society, Final Summation, Social Concern, and Future Daydream), and thanks to the Java Lounge for letting us have it!
We'll keep the flyer down below for awhile as a remembrance of the event.


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I cannot praise Food Not Bombs and those that make it happen, enough. They are a model for how all service organizations should function. I consider them the most truly spiritual folks anywhere. For a small number of us, this one weekly nourishing meal makes a big difference in our lives. Oh, and the food! Delish! -A satisfied customer

2007-02-11 16:53:35   This is a great organization. If you have any food you want to share, bring it by Farmer's Market on Sundays around 12:30pm and join them! The more food the merrier. Don't waste! —KiwiSelina

2008-07-11 19:40:27   i just discovered FNB, and they are awesome, I can't wait to participate! —briangoldner

2009-09-16 19:13:21   Is this group not active any longer? I tried to email because I am interested in volunteering & the message "permanently failed." Can someone contact me if it is active still...thanks!! —chrstnhwrd

2009-09-16 19:14:40   by the way my email:!! —chrstnhwrd

2009-09-16 19:41:57   I suspect what happened was one or a few people had access to the hotmail account and it was neglected. I would just show up to get more info about meeting to help. —NickSchmalenberger

2010-02-17 03:26:10   During a bit of time homeless, I had occasion to dine with them, and greatly appreciated the occasion. The fare was simple, consisting of seasonal vegetables, served with the best possible seasoning: seconds. Truly wonderful people, deserving of infinite praise. —Flynn

2014-07-29 11:43:39   Hi folks, sorry to hear you are retiring! Would it be possible to get in touch with one of the recently-retired members to learn more about continuing this chapter? I came to the New Volunteer meeting at Mishka's last Thursday, but I didn't see anyone from Food Not Bombs there. I stuck around from 7 to 7:30 and then gave up and went home... —economista

2014-08-03 16:15:17   Its a shame this is ending. I am likewise interested in keeping this going! —coopistheanswer

2014-08-07 18:12:39   I'm interested in keeping this going too. I noticed there's a meeting today (Aug 7 2014) too late, and won't be able to make it, but would be interested in meeting up soon with other folks who are interested. If you are one of the folks who meet today, could you please post here about how the meeting went? Thank you. —Tranquilator

2014-08-16 11:41:58   Thanks for the interest in volunteering! Davis FNB will be back starting this Sunday. Feel free to email us at if you want to get involved - or just come by the park and chat! —CarlaSaunders

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