Foothill Grill

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228 G Street inside The G Street WunderBar
11:00 am — 9:00 pm seven days a week
(530) 756-9227
October 26, 2011
Payment Method(s)
Cash and Major Credit Cards

Foothill Grill is located inside The G Street WunderBar at 228 G Street in downtown Davis, CA. The Foothill Grill features classic grill fare, traditional BBQ items such as pulled pork, tri-tip, hot links and cole slaw, as well as a different BBQ special and soup every day.

Menu Selections
All of their menu items are made on-site. They take the freshness and quality of their ingredients very seriously. If they could get the city council to allow them to raise steer in the parking lot, they would. At Foothill Grill you get what you want. If what you want isn’t on the menu, tell them and they’ll try and get it.

All menu items are available to go (except the alcohol of course).

Foothill Grill Menu.pdf

Appetizer Things

Salady Things

Add grilled chicken or tri-tip for $2.00.

Side Dishy Things

Main Dish Things

Served with fries, cole slaw or garden salad.



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2013-01-04 17:30:42   I was legitimately confused as how to order when I first walked in, as I'm so used to coming here as a bar. But the menu is general American food with a few interesting nuances. The poppers claim to have avocado and pesto but I personally didn't taste it. They were very very good but only 3 to an order for ~$7, so I probably wouldn't order it again, especially with Red Noodle 88 doing poppers for cheaper. The fires are the big steak fry types, which I personally liked. My boyfriend's burger was extremely good though. —HannahToru

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