Free Food


This page was inspired by a poor soul in Safeway that was buying a tiny package of rosemary, when unbeknownst to her, there was rosemary growing out in the parking lot and all over town. Description to come soon, (anyone want to take a stab at it?) Also see Dumpster Diving.

    1. Free Food
    2. Free Meals
    3. Free Fruit
    4. Free Herbs
    5. Other Free Edible Plant and Plant-like Material
    6. Free Beverages
    7. Free Prepared Food
    8. Free Samples

Free Food

Free Meals

Also see Homeless Resources.

Free Fruit

Davis is an agricultural town, with a lot of fruit trees and edible landscaping in town and all over the UC Davis campus. Here's where to look.

Free Herbs

Many herbs can be found in the herb garden inside the Student Experimental Farm, they are free to pick but please make sure the plants will survive.

Other Free Edible Plant and Plant-like Material

Free Beverages

Free Prepared Food

Free Samples

Many places offer free samples. While this may not be quite enough for a full meal, it can still be fun to grab a nice bite of something tasty.


On campus:

Elsewhere in Davis:


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This page gives me the creeps, especially the one setting down at a strangers table after they have left to finish what's there. You might catch the hibby jibbies

2012-09-07 01:40:56   Somehow, I managed to mess up the Google Free Food map. I have no idea how I did it, and don't know how to fix it. There are three markers in the Pacific Ocean, obviously where they shouldn't be. Someone please fix it! I'm so sorry! —caiyuemei

2013-11-27 14:26:17   The chestnut tree between Everson Hall and the Chemistry Building is a horse chestnut. Horse chestnuts are poisonous. There is however a hazelnut tree planted right next to it. —TroyShea

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