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Friendly Cab is the oldest cab company in Davis. The owner, known in the taxi-world as 'Art,' has been a taxi-driver in Davis since the early 90's. He managed Friendly Cab for a while, starting a couple of years after it was founded in 1995. He established it as a 24/7 cab company. After an interval of a few years of non-involvement in the company, he was asked by the founder to purchase it, and did so.

A Biodiesel fueled Mercedes Benz [WWW]Friendly Cab has been used in the past. Interest continues in alternative energy uses and electronic improvements as well as any other improvements for the company or the [WWW]taxicab industry.

If you want to get in touch with management, call the office (non-dispatch) line, above. If you don't get a live person, you can leave a message and you'll get a call back.

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Robbery Sept 16, 2011
A Friendly Cab driver was reportedly assaulted and robbed in the early morning hours of Sept 16th, crashing into two parked cars on a residential street and through a fence as a result. The owner states that at about 3:30 am he was telephoned by the police, informed of "multiple collisions" and that the driver had "fled the scene." He was instructed to go meet Davis Police officers. After the police left the driver's home the driver arrived at his home. He was transported by ambulance to UCDMC for a concussion. Before being transported he blew 0.0 on a breathalyzer. According to the driver he had been flagged down by two thinnish young white men and one thicker young black man. At the end of the fare, without warning he was hit in the back of the head and became semi conscious. Apparently he was robbed by the passengers and they left the vehicle. He started driving in an attempt to escape which caused the collisions. Then he walked nearly two miles home while the police were looking for him.

So far nobody has been arrested in connection with the assault, and the Davis Police Department are currently seeking more information on the nights events. If you have more information about the incident please contact the police department at 530.747.5400.
unfriendlycab.jpgAftermath photo provided by MupDup


The police log entry. It isn't a Dodge. There were no hit and run charges.

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2011-01-30 17:28:00   It was nice to meet you Art. I am continually surprised at how the 'Wiki' so often transfers to the real world. I agree with everything that was stated and still feel the local cabs should work together to resolve the problem with the unlicensed and extremely shady 24/7 service. —Wes-P

2011-02-05 00:31:26   I like how it ask "How was your ride?"

I've used taxicab twice, the first time was great, but not the the second. In fact, I didn't even have the pleasure of a second ride. When I called for a ride, the office had told me it would take the driver 20 minutes for pickup, but my wait turned into 45minutes. In about 25 minutes into the wait, I called the office to see where my driver was, but they didn't pick up. I must have called four times, finally leaving a message saying "yo, where you at??"...I still didn't get a reply. So i gave it about another 20 minutes, finally leaving another message, saying please tell the driver to be called off. Right when I take my shoes off and relax, someone calls asking if I wanted a ride still...I asked him where are you, and how long will you be, he replied well, I need your address in order to give you an estimation...-_- I told him my address, and he said it'll be 10 minutes...I told him no thank you. If they guy had called, and said I'm going to be a little LATE, I would have been fine with that. Don't
leave a person hanging Art. :( —dmawright
friendlycab.JPGWhat ElJefe found

2011-02-08 11:08:39   Walked out of my apartment last fall on a weekend night to the sound of sirens and the smell of burning motor oil. I was greeted by an acquaintance claiming the cab he had called was on fire down the street. After a few exploded tires, emergency services were able to douse the flames. The next morning, I found this:

Friendly Cab. No surprises there. —ElJefe

So my roommate's dad is driving for Friendly right now. He is also crashing on my couch for a few days until he gets back on his feet. On Friday morning (3-25-11) 4am, this crazy broad got picked up from the Grad. Anyway, she was so drunk that she seemed almost schitzo. First thing she said to the driver was, "I'm so fucked up that my friends ditched me". She stole the cab phone at the destination she was dropped off at and the driver had to chase her to get it back. When she was told to pay the fare, she went crazy and asked for her friends to be, "let out of the trunk"??? So he assured her that there was no one in the trunk, and then she exclaimed that she wanted some cock...the driver was horrified and finally got her to sign a credit card slip..with no he drove away she banged on the cab demanding to see some cock....weird shit!!! —JoshLawson

2011-03-26 09:20:56   Called these guys to pick up one of my clients yesterday. Quite rude. He asked, "From where to where?" I replied, "From APEX Cycles, 338 G Street to blah, blah, blah." "Where's that?" "Corner of 4th and G, Next to Little Prague Restaurant..." that's when he cut me off and yelled, "Just tell me where it is!" "Umm... I'm trying to." "Is it a business?" "Yeah, APEX Cycles." "Fine, I'll find it. I'll be there in 10-15 minutes." Seriously in need of some customer service training. —Aaron.Curtin

2011-05-04 22:12:13   These guys drive like jackasses. I nearly got hit the other day by one. They had a van full of people. I am in a full size truck and they ran a stop sign to get ahead of me when I was pulling out of Jack 'N' The Box. I was shocked. —Dozer

* I like your enthusiasm brother. Its great, but in all honesty I dont know what else to tell. I pulled out of Jack in the Box and a Friendly Cab van driving like a jackass raced to cut me off. I was pretty shocked because there was nobody behind me (no reason to rush) and I drive a full size truck. I saw silhouettes of people in the windows. Thats about all the detail I have. —Dozer

2011-05-08 14:43:42   I was very upset with the service last night.

I called Friendly Cab, and I have before with no problem, but I got a lot of attitude from the operator. He was very accusatory when I called him after he was 20 minutes late. He said he knocked on my door many times and nobody came out, and that when he called my number it went straight to voicemail. To which I said, "How can you even knock on my door when I didn't tell you which apartment number?" The guy also said that he couldn't call back my number, which didn't make sense because he had just called me back. But anyways, he was very rude and demeaning in his tone about how he sent a driver who kept knocking on my door. He told me he called my 916 - XXX - XXXX number and I told him that's not me, my area code is 408 - "you have the wrong person." And then my phone died and I had to use my boyfriend's phone and they asked us not to play games, that we were messing with them by throwing out a 3rd phone number.

Anyways, we eventually got picked up by a grumbly man who never apologized (ironic for Friendly Cab). Apparently they had gotten a lot of prank phone calls - but that is no excuse to treat innocent customers in a very accusatory way. I'm never calling again. —KellyMatheson

* About Bruce's response - I appreciate the apology. I understand bizarre circumstances happen, especially in a college town. Sorry about the grumbly comment.

Just remember people, Friendly Cab ALWAYS takes credit cards!! There is a day driver that MANY folks complain about NOT taking cards, but he is supposed to and just doesn't want to take them. I personally feel that they should do a $10 minimum, but that is just me... —JoshLawson

2011-07-24 09:14:09   I've been a hotel employee for some years now and, as such, I've had quite a lot of experience with working the cutthroat business of getting a last-minute cab on a sunday morning. Gotta say, Friendly is usually the easiest company to get a ride from. I've never heard complaint from a guest on their service and met Bruce, myself, some months ago. Found him to be a very knowledgeable businessman.

That said, please keep in mind that most folks who leave negative comments on this wiki are one-time users who generally don't know what they're talking about and just want somewhere to complain instead of contacting the business themselves to solve problems like adults. :) —KBathory

2011-09-16 16:14:19   The Friendly Cab driver, Tom Moss, at about 3 am dropped off a fare that had telephoned for a cab. Soon after that three men, two white and one black, flagged him down. When he dropped them off, without warning, he received a blow to the back of the head which gave him a concussion. He apparently then drove the cab and hit a couple of parked cars. A resident where the cars were, talked to him as he sat in her yard. She said he said he was running, but he wasn't. When the police arrived at the scene near 8th and M Street where all the vehicles were, Tom wasn't there. The police visited numerous residences nearby as well as Tom's residence and maybe another place looking for him , but they couldn't find him. Later Tom arrived at his residence, not being conscious of what happened after he got hit on the head. The EMT who then arrived at his residence informed the police that Tom had suffered a concussion. The police administered a breathalizer test which showed no alcohol. An ambulance transported Tom to the USD Medical Center in Sacramento. After treatment he was released later this morning. Tom has never been cited for a traffic violation his whole life. Apparently due to the action of those three men Tom and Friendly Cab are taking responsibility for significant damage to two parked vehicles. The Friendly Cab is also out of commission. —Art

2011-09-16 17:32:56   How coincidental. Tom Moss, the Friendly Cab driver, who was reportedly robbed and beaten and whose cab was wrecked on "M" Street, just sat down next to me and made a phone call describing the incident to someone. I had just finished reading the post. He sounded factual and consistent with the Davis police blotter report. Too bad. No one deserves such treatment. —fknochenhauer

2011-09-16 19:23:52   This incident will be on the 10 and 11 pm news on KCRA Channel 3. —Art

2011-09-18 10:10:21   The Friendly Cab driver in the incident of early Friday September 16, Tom Moss, appeared on the nightly news on KCRA TV. From that exposure and from the Davis Wiki and Davis Enterprise (Are there any others?) people in Davis have shouted their support to him on the street as well as telling him in the cab. Friendly Cab appreciates the ocean of support. —Art

2011-09-21 13:34:13   Are there any suspects in this case or what? Mupdup claimed that a person named James Earl Williams, Jr. was arrested inwhen connection to the incident. Was "mupdup" just talking out of his/her ass or what? —ScottMeehleib

2012-11-22 19:59:46   The service was great today!!!! The pickup was on time, the driver helped me load my bike on the cab and he was nice enough to give me a ride back when we realized that my destination was closed. In addition, I forgot my credit card with him and he drove all the way back to give it to me. Will try this cab service again for sure!!! —Dharmaveer

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