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Sacramento Location (store #14)
Address 4100 Northgate Blvd (Northgate exit off I-80), Sacramento
Phone (916) 286 -5800
Hours Mon-Fri: 8am-9pm; Sat: 9am-9pm; Sun: 9am-7pm
Website [WWW]


Roseville Location (store #26)
Address 180 N. Sunrise Ave. (Between Eureka and Douglas exits off I-80), Roseville)
Phone (916) 517 -1500
Hours Mon-Fri: 8am-9pm; Sat: 9am-9pm; Sun: 9am-7pm
Website [WWW]

Fry's Electronics is a toy store for geeks. They sell much more than just electronics, though. Each Fry's has a different theme and for a while, a couple of years ago, they kept getting bigger and bigger and BIGGER, with cafés inside and all. The new Roseville store features a California's Railroad History theme. MarieHuynh's relatives used to drop her off at one for hours at a time to wander around with no money to buy cool things. That might help explain her a bit.

Fry's may also be the most ghetto of all electronics stores as it is the most disorganized and has the worst website. Its supermarket-chain origins might explain this somewhat, and its relentlessly no-frills approach probably explains the rest of it. They are also well known for having very poor customer service (lack of polite service and employees informed about the merchandise). This is probably because the majority of the people shopping at Fry's go there already knowledgeable about the merchandise and are just looking for cheaper prices. The Sacramento location does have cool spherical bollards.

Fry's will match the advertised price of any other local brick-and-mortar store and any internet retailer within 30 days of purchase. With regards to internet price matching, the staff will look up the item on the website and then give you a refund. The item must be in stock at the other store. Bringing in the store ads might help to speed up the process.

A new Fry's Weekly Ad appears in newspapers and online every Friday. The deals in the ad are good for 7 days until Thursday. There are also daily newspaper ads of one or two pages every day of the week. A link to ads can be found on the Fry's Website in the upper right hand corner.

When you leave the store they will ask to see your receipt and look in your bags but if you don't like that you can just ignore them. If Fry's is too mainstream and consumer-oriented for your tastes, you might try HFE Electronics.


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Fry's is the best place to buy electronics if you already know what you want. Geeks like me love it because the prices are low and the selection is usually pretty good, but RobRoy is right, the place is pretty ghetto. The Bay Area Fry's stores are mostly themed (Egyptian, Aztec), but the Sacramento Fry's used to be an Incredible Universe - Fry's didn't do anything to the place when they bought it, and the interior is just this cavernous half-warehoused interior space with fifty foot high ceilings. It's intimidating! - KenNeville

Is there a way to get there by public transit? — KenBloom
YoloBus 42 to downtown Sacramento then either 11, 13 or 14 to the area. I forget which exactly, but you're looking at 2-3 hrs each way. Pack a lunch. — TarZxf

From Heron Technologies: 2006-04-14 09:26:01   I went there once. The guy running the store was friendly and helpful. Incidentally I don't think we can adequately compare stores like this one to Fry's, as Fry's stocks refurbished items vs. Heron carrying new components —TR

2006-07-06 22:38:28   I shopped the Fry's Stores in the L.A. area for years...the one in Sacramento seems rather shabby, and the "ghetto of all electronic stores" comment seems accurate. To me, it's a good place to buy consumables and small items, and to get a look at expensive items before purchasing them for much less online...the prices seem rather high at Fry's for most items. There's a conspicuous lack of salespeople around the "low ticket" areas, and they aren't terribly friendly or approachable in general. —DukeMcAdow

2006-10-02 20:32:30   The organization of the store is like a Guatamalan slum. Everything is disorganized, and everyone there is simply ignoring you until you chase them down. By far, this is the "ghettoest" Fry's in California for all I know. —AtyNguyen

2007-05-24 15:54:57   I made a awesome comp from 500 bucks at frys... —StevenDaubert

2007-06-04 03:03:10   The new Fry's in Roseville that opened in April is pretty big. The employees ride around on Segways. —Jedron

2007-09-20 18:42:14   This particular Fry's has one of the worst customer services I've ever experienced. The workers ignore and avoid you, the place is disorganized and dirty, and on top of all that the manager is extremely rude. He needs to take some communication classes, because he has the worst people skills I've ever seen. I went to Fry's asking for help because I locked my keys in my car and the manager said there was nothing he could do about it and told me to call triple AAA. So I did, and tried calling my mom for the triple AAA number, but she wouldn't pick up. At the same time I was also late for an appointment, so to save time I decided to look for tools at Frys to help me unlock my car door. I found 2 thin long drilling bit poles, each sold at about 25$ a piece, and bought them thinking I could return them afterwards. To my horror the manager turned me down, told me off in front of everyone saying, "How do you think I feel about you coming to MY store and buying something, using it, and returning it." The objects were in mint condition and I only used them for about 5 minutes. Then I replied saying, "I don't understand, I asked one of your workers and they said the return policy was 14 days." He gives me a lame excuse saying the items were "used" and I replied saying, "I don't understand this happens all the time, people buy things, try them out, and return them. They're not going to be returned in new condition." He snaps back again coldly,” What should I charge you for using it?" I thought to myself, do people get charged for trying out items in your store? I was so shocked that a manager was soo rude. I have never in my life had customer service as bad as that moment especially not from a high positioned manager. He then hands me the receipt and says, "I'm sorry we can't accept it." How can you not honor a policy? I told myself, I'm never coming to this Frys again. So, now I'm returning the items at another Frys store. I also plan on writing a personal complaint to the corporate office on this Frys. If you're from Davis, and want to buy cheap computer parts, DO NOT I repeat DO NOT go to the one in Sacramento. Drive the extra 10 minutes for the one in Roseville, you will not regret it. —3balls

2007-09-20 21:37:30   Should we move this page over to the Sac Wiki, since the closest location to Davis happens to be in North Sacramento? —PaulAmnuaypayoat

2008-09-17 20:03:35   I have had only one experience with fry's and it is quite possibly the WORST shopping experience I have ever had. I went to the store to buy a DVD drive (which I admit I had no problems with) my girlfriend found a clearance on 80 GB iPods, and decided to get one. We walked out of the store, got in the car, drove one exit away to In n' Out and bought lunch to eat in the car. In the drive through, we noticed that we had accidentally gotten a 160 GB iPod, which is an excessive size for her. We drove back to the store, (up to this point, I have no complaints). Upon returning to the store, it took 10 minutes for a worker to get us the manager to complete the return. The manager said that they could not take it back because the iPod was scratched and there was no plastic wrap... but I had just gotten in there less than 30 min. ago, and that was the condition it was in then!
He got us the "Section Manager" who took one look at us, took the iPod, and disappeared for about 45 minutes w/o saying anything to us. After we had been standing for over an hour, some low level worker who had no idea what was going on came up to us and said that he could complete the return.
I got NO apology for them messing it up, and in the end have to wait at least 3 days to get our money back.
They lost 3 customers today; Me, my girlfriend, and our other friend that had to wait for us to finish the return. —MasonMurray

2008-12-09 17:44:44   "Does it not always take around 3-5 business days to have a credit card processed for a refund....?" It shouldn't. If I gave a credit card refund, it would process just as fast as the original transaction did: instantly. —DonShor

2008-12-28 13:38:42   Here's the thing about Fry's, they have great deals. I've bought several laptops and gadgets here for cheap. It's worth the trip, if you know precisely what you want. But if you have questions or want to consult with someone, don't bother going to Fry's. The Natomas Fry's is probably the worst location in America. Fry's, in general, offers horrible customer service. The staff either completely ignores customers or doesn't really help when they do talk to you. Again, they do have ridiculously awesome specials on a regular basis. —CurlyGirl26

2008-12-28 23:35:55   Don't people shop here with the expectation that Fry's will know what they bought? I shop there willingly and with knowledge of their bag checking just as if I agreed to it by having a membership. Just what rights am I giving up? I can understand being annoyed about the suspicion of shoplifting, but I'm not sure that its a matter of rights. —NickSchmalenberger

2008-12-29 13:15:34   I don't know the law but if Fry's didn't search bags they'd be bankrupt and shut within a month. Most people will steal if they think they can get away with it, and Northgate Fry's is in a bad neighborhood with high unemployment.

Fry's might be going bankrupt even with their bag searches. Fry's VP of Merchandising was arrested for embezzling $65 million a few days ago. He needed it to pay his Vegas debts. He must not have carried the money out in a Fry's bag. Google "Umar Siddiqui" for details. —SteveGreen

2008-12-29 19:50:45   I see the bag checking as being like a minimum charge for credit cards. Yes, it is probably against their contract with the credit card company and I could call them on it or complain to my credit card company, but if it is a store or restaurant that I like I'm not going to. Bizarro World and Shanghai Town are two places I know have minimum purchases for credit cards and if I complained about it I would be an ass. To shop there at all requires some cooperation with them and I think partial cooperation is somewhat rude, so I try to accommodate them if I sincerely want to be their customer. They are just trying to do their job the way they have determined is best so I think I can either take it, leave it, or make trouble regardless of if I have a right to act differently than they want. If you do choose to walk by and its not a big deal then thats fine too, but its nice to have some respect for people doing their jobs. —NickSchmalenberger

2009-02-10 11:18:05   I feel there is some difference between accepting that you must buy a minimum amount before they will accept your credit card, and someone going through your bags. As I see it, its the difference between someone saying "No, I won't take that," and "Let me go through your stuff." Until today, I was completely unaware that Fry's had no legal right to go through my things, if you read my last comment it did not protect me as a buyer at all. Therefore in the future, I will not be allowing them to do so. —MasonMurray

2009-03-03 00:00:52   I know I'm not alone in this: I am sick of the horrendous customer service I experience every time I shop at the Northgate Fry's. Just today I needed a motherboard/cpu combo that was advertised but not on any of the displays or shelves. So after about 5 different employees saying they didn't work in that dept. (even though they were standing right there) I found a guy that was helping a customer at the time. So I patiently waited but made sure he knew I was obviously in need of assistance. After "teaching" this customer about building your own system for a good solid 5 minutes, he started walking away to print out something for whatever he just sold to the newbie. At that point I just said, "excuse me, sir." No reaction. "Excuse me, Sir!" He barely made eye contact with me and said, "I'll be with you in a minute." Right. 5 minutes after that I was finally helped by a newly arrived employee who told me that they were out of stock for that combo. So basically I stood there for close to 15 minutes for nothing. I've worked in retail before, and I know when a sale item is hot and goes out of stock. All that one guy had to do is give me a few seconds of his time and tell me they didn't have anymore. This isn't the first time an employee just walked away knowing I needed to ask a question. What is their problem? Seriously. It almost seems that they're looking to get fired so they can just file for unemployment. If it wasn't for the low prices, I would never shop at this Fry's. Absolutely the WORST attitudes and service of all the Fry's I've been to. —ReginaldW.

2010-05-13 18:18:18   The Fry's off Sacramento has always been known for their lack of customer help and disorganization. Always has and probably always will be as long as corporate does not do something with management. And judging by the recent comments, this has not changed one bit from the time I commented 2 years ago. Good job Fry's. Cheap electronics, crappy customer service. —3balls

2011-05-02 08:05:03   Is Big Mike the manager, letting Jeff and Lester run the show? :) —MichaelNielsen

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