Full Belly Farm

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16090 County Road 43, Guinda CA
Call or email before visiting
<belly AT fullbellyfarm DOT com> (main office)
<csa AT fullbellyfarm DOT com> (CSA)
530-796-2214 (Main Office)
800-791-2110 (CSA)
Andrew Brait, Paul Muller, Judith Redmond, and Dru Rivers
Payment Method(s)
Check, Credit Card

Full Belly Farm is about an hour's drive northwest from Davis in the town of Guinda, CA. The farm has been using organic practices since 1985 and is certified by California Certified Organic Farmers. They grow and market over 80 different vegetable, fruit, nut, and herb crops. They also have a flock of chickens, a herd of sheep, some pigs, and several cows. They sell "luxurious organic wool yarn" from their sheep.

Their pomegranates are to die for, making pomegranate lovers out of people who formerly did not care for them.

For Davisites, two things about Full Belly are particularly of note:

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