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Note also that the majority of ["Sophia's"] bartenders used to work at Fuzio, as one of the owners of Sophia's is an ex-Fuzio manager and took a lot of staff with him when he opened Sophia's bar. There is an [http://www.fuzio.com/ official Fuzio site] with a menu and other items. There is an [http://www.fuzio.com/ official Fuzio site] with a menu and other items.


500 1st Street in the Davis Commons
11am till 11pm Friday and Saturday, otherwise 10pm
Web site

Fuzio can be a bit pricey, and the portions not so big. If you're looking for true Italian rather than "fusion," then try Caffe Italia, Strings, or Pasta instead. Fuzio is a Italian-fusion place — "Universal pasta". "Universal" basically means pasta dishes taken from other cultures, homogenized for Americans.

Some of the dishes at Fuzio are quite good, such as the chicken curry noodles and the firecracker fusilli. Fuzio has good martinis and margaritas, too. If you want a Pad Thai that is merely decent and also surreal in color, try Fuzio's version of this popular Thai item. Then go to one of Davis' five Thai restaurants and compare.

For some reason, most all of the waiters/waitresses working here seem to be mutant-super attractive in a Hollywood-science-fiction-movie sort of way. There have also been stuck-up assholes working there. Watch out for those bastards, they'll give you horrible looks for asking for water. But luckily not everyone is like that.

There is an [WWW]official Fuzio site with a menu and other items.

Fuzio is owned by Chevy's (or, at least they've got the same parent company), and they're even listed in the phonebook as "Chevy's" rather than "Fuzio." This causes a good deal of confusion.


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Overall, a pretty good, energized place to go if you're out with friends. 11 of my friends and I went there for dinner before Junior Prom. It was rather disappointing that we had to wait for 30 minutes past our reservation time, but once we were seated, service was quite good and efficient. —CynthiaHe

I went there with my boyfriend for lunch one day. The service was pretty decent, but the food was highly dissapointing in quality and the prices were ridiculous. I paid $8 for a calamari pasta dish that was the size of a bowl of ice cream at Baskin Robbins that was so saturated with lemon I could barely eat it, and my boyfriend got what he later called a "dish of vinegar with a lettuce leaf on the side" salad. I wouldn't go here again unless someone else were paying and I was out of other options for food. —MargieHalloran

This place is crap. Very expensive compared to most restauraunts in Davis and the portions are tiny. I am biased as I worked at The Macaroni Grill for two years and fuzios is our rival. however our food is much better, our portions are huge, and you get to color on the tablecloth. plus our foccacia is the shit. poo on fuzios. —AllanRae

Okay I have to go there - you worked at the MACARONI GRILL, but Fuzio is supposed to be expensive??? And yeah - ur foccacia is the shit. I'ma let you know I agree on that one LOL.. :) -joeistheish

2005-08-13 11:03:26   I have been here twice. Both times, the food was mediocre at best (but the mango lemonade was excellent). The food is also overpriced. I have no idea why this place is so popular when it's both mediocre and expensive. —AlexPomeranz

2005-08-23 17:50:12   I have not been to this Fuzio. I have been to the Fuzio in Dublin (west of Livermore). My father and I recently hit Fuzio's/Dublin and had a great meal. I don't want to compare it to food from Italy, but instead say that the menu items we had were tasty and novel. And cheap! Each entree was less than $10. I liked it so much that next time we were on the 580 going by it, we called ahead for takeout. —TonyZuccarino

2005-08-26 11:29:57   Their foccacia topped with parmesan and roma tomatoes is pretty yummy, and their salads are gigantic, as well as tasty. —AnnaJones

2005-10-03 12:37:58   People always tell me that the portions aren't large enough at Fuzio for the price but I've never noticed. The staff is usually friendly and apologetic if anything goes wrong (only one bad server but great food regardless). I recommend the thai mussels/clams, firecracker fusili, barbwire gemelli, and the caramelized mushroom linguine. Perhaps the portions depend on what you get? —LiRic

2005-10-13 17:32:46   Some of the food is okay. As for its popularity, take a look at the waiters: it will explain the appeal for gay men and straight women. —MisterProfessor

2005-11-07 15:28:29   On Saturday 11/5 we had a 20 minute wait. Our service was excellent. The waiter didn't hover and ask constantly how the food was. He came at well spaced intervals to refill drinks. The food was good too, I really liked the Chicken Marsala. —MyaBrn

2005-12-07 20:35:04   Basically, overpriced. Seafood dishes were good, the rest were just OK. —JohnNapier

2005-12-21 04:23:41   It always surprises me when it seems I missed a comment on a restaurant I've been to. I read about the bad things people said about Fuzio on the Wiki, but decided to try it out anyway because it's kind of pretty-looking inside. I was very, very disappointed. It seems as though the only thing good about this place is the way it looks. The service was probably the worst service I have ever, ever had. And the food! Usually when I go to Italian places I order a pasta dish, because I want to see just how cheap they are (cheap pasta places will bring out smaller dishes). Well, this was cheap, and it cost me a lot. I don't really plan on returning, ever. —SaulSugarman

2006-02-05 03:31:34   After reading these comments I thought that these people were critizing fuzio like they were some expert on restaurants, after visiting this place for myself the other night, I thought that the food was excellent which I could see be made in front of me (I knew the ingrediants had to been fresh), and the service was just as good. The atmosphere is like no other in Davis, and their bartenders make the best martini's. Instead of reading all these ridiculous comments, you should give Fuzio a chance. Ask the cute asian bartenders for a rasberry lemon drop, they're the best! —KellySmith

2006-02-05 19:02:28   From 4-6 on weeknights they have their happy hour in which all apps are $2 and fuziotini's are a $1 off. Pretty cheap way to get filled up —JonAugst

2006-03-10 18:35:28   amazing food. i have been there with my family several times and the dishes are delicious every time. i would recommend the chicken marsala and the calamari appetizer. i dont know why everyone is claiming they are expensive, the chicken marsala dish (which i can barely finish) is only 12 bucks. i guess it could be called expensive, compared to FAST FOOD. my boyfriend and i go there everytime we go out. —CorinneEpley

2006-10-09 16:21:44   I like the setting. But the food was just alrite. The amount is too small considering how big the plate is and the expensive price. The seafood is good tho. —KiwiSelina

2007-02-22 08:21:07   OK. I actually think the food here is pretty good. I ordered the firecracker pork pasta, which was excellent, although hardly spicey at all. My brother ordered the marinara with meatballs. The meatballs were great the marinara was better than the other italian places in davis (by default) but the pasta was certainly overcooked. I think the portions are small for the price. I think part of the problem is that this place has an identity crisis, the food and atmosphere kind of say nuevo but the crowd and service says this is just another davis restaurant. Decent but i wont be popping in the door anytime in the very near future —MattHh

2007-03-12 14:56:25   I went there twice. Both times, the services are really good. I like the food!!!!!!!!!! (Although I found the table a little bit too narrow) —CarlieYang

2007-03-27 09:16:13   They don't have any beer on tap! My steak was fine, after I sent it back to get it cooked the way I had ordered it. —JoFeuerstein

2007-05-02 12:44:21   the taste of the food was not correctly seasoned and portions are quite small for the ridiculous price. —trambajuice

2007-05-02 20:30:24   This will sound like an odd comment, but they make a great tuna melt. A great tuna melt is hard to find. Most are soggy or greasy or use dark tuna or put pickles in the tuna. —CovertProfessor

2007-05-20 15:41:03   I just have to say this - I'm a new student in Davis, and EIGHT DOLLARS FOR A PASTA DISH IS NOT EXPENSIVE. I used to work full time, and went to plenty of restaurants in that timeframe (4 years) before transferring to the University and 8.00 is actually pretty reasonable. That being said, I LOVE this place. The pork fusilli dish is UH-MAZING if you like REAL spicy food. I especially have a close tie to this place because that have one in the heart of the Castro District in SF (the motherland). —joeistheish

2007-05-20 15:55:38   OH! I will say that it did take an act of CONGRESS one time to get some extra sour cream. I think our sever was new, though - bless her heart. —joeistheish

2007-08-01 13:41:11   great food ,my favorite is happy hour with being able to order the 2 dollar appetizers. My friends and I always get several plates of food appetizers for under 10 bucks, the mussels are excellent, the romano tomatoe bread and above all the calamari. I have eaten here on several occasions and enjoy their fire cracker pork, and seafood medley pasta. UNIQUE FLAVORS! FRIENDLY staff ,but best of all cheap appetizers M-fri 3-6 i believe with a dish normally costing 8 dollars a plate who could go wrong with being able to try all the appetizers on the menu for under 10 bucks(very filling) —ElizabethBarthel

2007-10-12 20:09:26   I went here for a late weekday lunch, alone (with a book.) I felt comfortable dining alone here, and I dine alone often, so I value that. I sat inside because it was a little chilly and rain was threatening, but I love restaurants that have outside seating, and this outside seating area is nice enough, especially for people-watching. I had the pork fusilli. The pork (ginger-braised) was tender and delicious. The habanero pesto was quite spicy, but the sour cream cools it off and I LOVE sour cream. The pasta was perfectly cooked and an unusual type, which I appreciated. My waitress was friendly, attentive (but not overly so,) quick and happy to bring me some extra sour cream, and kept my water refilled. I thought that the portion was perfect. I suspect that most people are used to stuffing themselves and/or bringing home leftovers for less than $10, but as a recent San Francisco denizen, I do not have such expectations. I did not have an appetizer, just the pasta. I was starving and I left pleasantly full after eating the entire bowl of pasta. It was happy hour, so I enjoyed a $3 Hefeweizen, which I didn't think complimented the pasta, but that was my own mistake (I didn't ask my server for advice, which I usually do.) I'd eaten at the Fuzio in downtown SF before, and remember not being impressed with the food, but I don't remember what I ordered. I had a couple of martinis there, though, and they were great. I would definitely return to this restaurant for the pork fusilli. In fact, I think I'll go do that now... —EvoDiva

2007-10-19 18:13:24   The food was not bad: Not great but not that bad either. The lettuce wrap appetizer was the best part of the meal. I went with my boyfriend on a week night and we sat outside, which was nice. The service was very good. —LolaTorney

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