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We are geographers and we intend to share and experience the world, come with us...
This page is for taking note of all those logistics involved with group travel, don't forget the links.

For the casual observer below you will find a sampling of the kinds of conferences and topics Geographers work on contained within the titles of presentations people give at conferences. In particular what Geographers in Davis do. Most belong to the Geography Graduate Group but some some International Agricultural Development, Transportation Technology and Policy,Community and Regional Development and other related fields of study.


Seattle, WA

April 12-16, 2011
Preliminary numbers - 11 confirmed by survey (25+ known by program)

Bishop, CA

April 29-May 1st, 2011
Preliminary numbers - 11 confirmed by survey
Carpooling - TBD

Past Travel

Fullerton, CA

[WWW]CGS 2010
April 30 - May 2

Who's Going

Who When(Sat 5/1) What Abstract Title Session Title Roomshare Carpooling
AlexMandel TBA Presenting Impact of free bundled GIS software on education TBD Y Y
MicheleTobias Session 2B ‐ Hum. 412 Presenting Do It Yourself Remote Sensing: Model Hot Air Balloon Remote Sensing of California's Beach Vegetation TBD Y Y
Craig Beebe Session 1B ‐ Hum. 412 Presenting Gold Country: Exurbia and the Politics of Landscape in El Dorado County TBD Y Y
Alison NA Conference Organizer NA NA Y Y
Amber Session 4B ‐ Hum. 412 Presenting NA NA Y Y
Miha NA Attending NA NA N Y
Farshid NA Attending NA NA Y Y
Bayo NA Attending NA NA Y Y
Romi Sat. Morning Poster Bridging Traditions: Toward a Biogeocultural Iconography of California Ecological Landscapes NA N N


Washington, DC

[WWW]AAG 2010

Who's Going

Who When Room What Abstract Title Session Title
Jahalel Lee Tuil 04/14/10 10:00 NA Speaker Capturing Remnant Woody Vegetation on the Valley Floor of Yolo County Biogeography: Measuring Spatial Distribution
Ryan E. Galt 04/14/10 10:00 Washington Room 2 in the Marriott Speaker Adaptive and maladaptive coupling in Costa Rican vegetable production: explaining multi-scalar linkages between social and biophysical causes and outcomes in intensive agricultural systems 1252 Coupled Human and Natural Systems (CHANS): Agricultural landscapes as coupled human-natural systems: Are there commonalities in coupling mechanisms?
Karen Beardsley 04/14/10 14:40 Calvert, Omni Shoreham Speaker An Analysis of Land Use Options for the Mbirikani Group Ranch in Kenya People, Livestock and the Environment II
Kristin Reynolds 04/15/10 12:40 NA Speaker Urban Agricultural Revolution? Food Production and Politics in Alameda County, CA "Multiple Geographies of Urban Agriculture in the Global North: Integrating Perspectives from Planning and Design, Ecology, Public Health, and Political Economy"
Erin Hestir 04/15/10 13:20 NA Speaker Turbidity declines and submerged aquatic vegetation expansion in a freshwater estuary
Tometi Koku Gbedema 04/16/10 12:40 Thomas Paine, Marriot Lobby Level Panel Member Fieldwork in African Setting I
Elena Aguaron-Fuente 04/18/10 15:30 NA Speaker Inventory and Forecast of Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide Reductions by the Sacramento 's Urban Forest Urban Climate: Local, regional and global impacts - II
Dave Clark NA NA NA NA NA
Janet Momsen NA NA NA NA NA
Tarecq Amer NA NA NA NA NA
Margareta Lelea 4/17/10 4:40pm McKinley, Marriott Mezzanine Level Speaker The Treaty of Trianon's 'Refugees': Ethnic Hungarians Along Romania's Western Border Territory, Nationalism, and Homeland in Political Geography 2
Susan Garbini NA NA Attending NA NA
Chris Benner 04/17/10 8:00 NA Speaker Race, Space and Youth Employment: Explaining youth job disparities in America's "Most Integrated City The Organization of Work and Labor Markets in Cities
Matt Hamilton NA NA NA NA NA

Santa Ynez, CA

[WWW]CGS May 1-3, 2009

Who's Going

Who When What Abstract Title Session Title Need Roomates Need Carpool
AlexMandel TBA Presenting,Tabling for [WWW]OSGeo Spatialite: a new geospatial format and analysis tool TBD maybe 1 maybe 1
MicheleTobias TBA Presentation Beach Builders: California Beach Plants as Potential Biogeomorphic Agents TBD N N
Craig Beebe N.A. Attendee I'd really just like to meet other geographers and hear and see what people are doing! TBD 1st year Rental I could drive or would be happy to carpool with someone else
Alison NA Conference Organizer NA NA no Room for 1, leaving thurs, returning sunday
Bayo NA Attendee NA NA 1st year Rental Carpooling with Craig
Farshid NA Attendee NA NA 1st year Rental Carpooling with Craig
Chelsea NA Attendee NA NA 1st year Rental Carpooling with Craig
Josh NA Attendee NA NA 1st year Rental Carpooling with Craig


Sunday morning breakfast in Solvang at [WWW]Paula's Pancake House, 9am
UCD Alumni welcome



The Solvang/Santa Ynez is a bit of a travel hotspot so it's not super cheap.
Here's the [WWW]"map link" CGS provided.


... ok, not so exotic, but perhaps fun nonetheless
[WWW]"California Native Plant Society (CNPS) Conference"
Dates: January 17-19th, 2009
Submission Deadline: June 30th

Las Vegas

AAG March 22-27, 2009


We have a shared [WWW]google map for planning contact AlexMandel to get edit rights.

Who's going/Presenting

If you are planning to attend please fill out our [WWW]survey. Your information will be added here from those results.

Who When Where What Abstract Title Session Title
Amber D. Manfree 3/22/2009 16:10:00 NA NA Modeling the effects of landscape BMPs on water quality in urban residential areas Water Contamination
Ryan Edward Galt 3/23/2009 8:00:00 NA NA Farmers' bodies, consumers' bodies: considering environmental/bodily exposures and the strengths and limitations of environmentality in an unequal world Paper session: Visceral Geographies I / Panel session: Geographic research in the new carbon economy: critical perspectives on our 'footprint'
Margareta Lelea 3/24/2009 13:00:00 NA Speaker Borderscapes: negotiating livelihood strategies in a post-socialist and neoliberal terrain Work, the Labor Force, and Social Space
Jonathan K. London 3/24/2009 13:00:00 Riviera Monaco Tower, 24th Floor Speaker Regulatory Science Meets Street Science: The Case of Pesticide Monitoring and Regulation in California Critical Geographies of Environmental Justice I
Stephen Brush 3/24/2009 13:40:00 Room - Skybox 208 co-author on paper by GGG alum (Laura Lewis) in a symposium organized by two GGG alums (Lewis and Chambers) Abstract Title - Predicting factors that impact productivity within and outside geographic centers of crop origins Session Title - Geographic Contributions to Agrobiodiversity Conservation I
Alexander Mandel 3/24/2009 15:10:00 NA Panel Member,Exhibitor, Session Chair NA Free and Open Source Software solutions for Geographers II
Kraig Kraft 3/24/2009 17:40:00 NA NA Seed selection amongst chile farmers in the Mexican state of Aguascalientes: Implications for local seed systems and in-situ conservation Geographic Contributions to Agrobiodiversity Conservation III
Karen Thorne 3/25/2009 15:10:00 NA NA Modeling the effects of projected sea-level rise on the San Pablo Bay National Wildlife Refuge, California and its endemic endangered species Biogeography
Keir Keightley 3/25/2009 17:20:00 NA NA LiDAR use in biomass estimation (not word for word) Applications in LiDAR Remote Sensing
Alyssa A Nelson 3/26/2009 8:00:00 NA NA Youth In Focus: Engaging Theory and Practice for Youth-Led Social Change Participation, social justice and theory 1: short papers
Chris Benner 3/26/2009 8:00:00 NA NA Fractures and Fault Lines: Growth and Equity in California's Megaregions Scale, Equity, and Organizing: New Pathways to Achieving Social Justice
Tometi Koku Gbedema 3/26/2009 10:10:00 NA Speaker Economic Development in Sub-Saharan Africa: The Role of Heritage Tourism in Local Communities-The Cases of Elmina and Keta in Ghana NA
Patsy E. Owens 3/26/2008 13:00:00 North Hall N101 Speaker Mapping Teen Places: A process of evolution Advancing Methodology in Youth Geographies
Michele M Tobias 3/26/2009 14:00:00 NA NA California Beach Plant Biogeomorphology Biogeography Specialty Group Ph.D. Student Paper Presentation Competition
Kurt Richter 3/27/2009 8:40:00 NA NA Fueling an Ethanol Plant in a Diverse Agricultural Geography 6122 Issues in Natural Power Sources
Carrie Armstrong-Ruport NA NA NA NA NA
Dave Clark No Response NA NA NA NA
Name Date/Time Room Type Abstract Session



Renting a van from Fleet Services
[WWW]Price List

Total Estimate: 864.48/8 people = 108.06 each

Bonus: we can apply for club funds to help defray the cost, anyone is welcome as long as you've registered for the AAG and have a place to stay when we get there.

Renting a car - from a typical car rental shop

Using a personal car - for instance, Stacey's

Local Transportation

Lodging Options

Conference Hotel is the [WWW]The Riviera Hotel 2901 Las Vegas Blvd., South Las Vegas, NV 89109 USA Tel: +1-800-634-3420 or +1-702-734-5110


Something with a suite but more importantly including a kitchen.


Free Wifi

Hotels often charge so where can we get some free access.

Write your name in here if you're going to the AAG. Indicate if you want to be in on group rooms/travel Plans.
Most booking is about to happen (Feb 21) so if you haven't said anything yet your out of the group travel plans

Who Group Travel(y/n/?) Group Lodging(y/n/?) Presenting/Poster/Exhibit etc(y/n/?)
AlexMandel Yes Yes Yes
MicheleTobias Yes Yes Yes
StaceyEllis Yes Yes Yes
AlyssaNelson Maybe Yes Yes
AmberManfree Probably Yes Yes
mtreichler Yes Yes Yes
YourNameHere Yes Yes Yes

Older Travel

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