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    * Work With The Education Abroad Center To Increase Education Abroad Awareness
    * Work With The City Of Davis To Increase Downtown Entertainment Zones, Such As Bars, Clubs, and Hookah Bars.
    * Work With Student Housing To Incorporate ASUCD And Student Club Outreach To Freshmen During Fall Welcome
    * Work with the ["Education Abroad Center"] to Increase Education Abroad Awareness
    * Work with the City Of Davis to Increase Downtown Entertainment Zones, such as Bars, Clubs, and Hookah Bars.
    * Work with Student Housing to Incorporate ASUCD and Student Club Outreach to Freshmen During Fall Welcome
Line 68: Line 68:
    * Create An ASUCD Sponsorship Committee
    * Work With The University To Share The Cost Of Picnic Day
    * Incorporate Student Clubs in Entertainment Council Promotions And Marketing
    * Raise Money for Cal Aggie Camp, ASUCD's Philanthropy, through Benefit Concerts
    * Create an ASUCD Sponsorship Committee
    * Work with the University to Share the Cost of ["Picnic Day"]
    * Incorporate Student Clubs in Entertainment Council Promotions and Marketing
    * Raise Money for ["Cal Aggie Camp"], ASUCD's Philanthropy, through Benefit Concerts
Line 77: Line 77:
    * Provide Students With Incentives To Attend Summer School, Such As Cheaper Parking Permits
    * Work With The ASUCD Academic Affairs Commission To Host More Quarterly Academic Seminars
    * Create An ASUCD Event Planning Committee
    * Provide Students with Incentives to Attend Summer School, such as Cheaper ["Campus Parking Permits" Parking Permits]
    * Work with the ASUCD Academic Affairs Commission to Host More Quarterly Academic Seminars
    * Create an ASUCD Event Planning Committee
Line 86: Line 86:
    * Work With Campus Violence Prevention Program To Increase Awareness Of Violence And Assault On Campus
    * Work With Campus Recreation To Incorporate Computers, Printers, and Additional Retail Operations In The ARC Lobby
    * Promote Aggie Pride Through Meal Deals At The Coffee House
    * Work with ["Campus Violence Prevention Program"] to Increase Violence and Assault On Campus
    * Work with Campus Recreation to Incorporate Computers, Printers, and Additional Retail Operations in the ARC Lobby
    * Promote Aggie Pride through Meal Deals at the ["Coffee House"]
Line 94: Line 94:
    * Boost Campus Pride By Distributing UC Davis Marketing Materials To ASUCD Units
    * Provide More Funding For Pre- Game Festivals Before Football Games
    * Pr
omote Diversity And Multicultural Awareness Through Themed Athletic Events
    * Recreate The ASUCD Off Campus Housing Rating Magazine
    * Boost Campus Pride by Distributing UC Davis Marketing Materials to ASUCD Units
    * Provide More Funding for Pre-Game Festivals before Football Games
Promote Diversity and Multicultural Awareness through Themed Athletic Events
    * Recreate the ASUCD Off Campus ["Housing Viewpoint" Housing Rating Magazine]
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    * Work With The Ski Or Snowboard Club To Throw A Rail Jam At Toomey Field.
    * Work With Aggie Pack To Create A Rooters Bus For Away Games.
    * Outreach To Ag Majors By Fully Funding Ag Science Field Day
    * Work with the ["Ski Or Snowboard Club"] to Throw a Rail Jam at Toomey Field.
    * Work with ["Aggie Pack"] to Create A Rooters Bus For Away Games.
    * Outreach to Ag Majors by Fully Funding Ag Science Field Day

This entry is about the ASUCD Slate. If you are looking for information on the game, try the Davis-Sacramento Go Club


GO is a slate for the ASUCD, the undergraduate student government. Their origins are mainly from Student Focus, but they officially branched off from that slate on May 3, 2007. On May 10th, the California Aggie wrote an [WWW]opinion piece about the new slate. They responded with a [WWW]letter to the editor on May 15th. On September 28, 2007 the California Aggie reported that GO members were asked to leave the student dorms because they were allegedly soliciting their slate to freshmen. According to GO officials and supporters the Aggie misconstrued the situation and misstated the people involved.

GO is spelled in all capitals - it is not an acronym. Their color is green.

GO currently has five elected senators who split from Focus:

In the upcoming Fall 2007 ASUCD Election, GO has announced the following candidates for senate:

The first GO party chair was Natalia Farhad Motamed. The new chair or co-chairs are Eric Friedman and Alexandra Frick. Natalia resigned on the insistence of Cem Turhal.

Other GO Supporters

Pete Markevich

Mission Statement

The mission of GO is to tirelessly advocate on behalf of all students at UC Davis. We are an agency that facilitates student involvement and we are empowered to make decisions about the future of UC Davis. We hold ourselves to the highest standards, we lead with integrity, and we selflessly serve the student body.

Above all, we stand for the unity of all Aggies. We seek to create opportunities and build relationships among the students of UC Davis, the campus and the city communities and other UC Campuses. By supporting the goals of student organizations and upholding campus services, our aim is to strengthen and enrich the quality of the student experience at our university.


Mark Klebanov is credited with developing the name "GO" in the Spring of 2006, however, due to the fact Mark graduated soon after the idea never got off the ground. The topic was put back on the table following the Winter 2007 ASUCD elections. The five elected Focus senators felt that a change was necessary, and they began to meet weekly to devise a concrete plan to follow through on the project. Currently, neither Chris nor Mark have ever officially been affiliated with the party.


Fall 2007 Platform

John Dreyer

Brian Goldberg

Andrew Kim

Becca Lovell

Erika Perez

Jesse Rosales


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2007-05-04 20:47:46   BUT I SO WISH I WAS AFFILIATED!! —MarkKlebanov

2007-05-04 22:44:31   This slate, GO, was founded upon the ideas and goals of its current Executive staff. The only element that we have expanded on is the name: GO. Our color(s), bylaws, structure and all else, was developed by our members. Mark - you can totally join our facebook group :) —Motamed

2007-05-05 12:08:09   Just trying to get credit where credit is due, oh and by the way I did come up with the idea for the green and white color scheme. Love Always, Mark. —MarkKlebanov

2007-05-05 13:21:57   The name of the slate was a secondary solution to the primary problem, which was lack of internal structure. Mark may have thought of using the name 'GO' for a campus political party, but the bylaws, mission statement, officer structure, criteria and expectations were created entirely by the current members of the group. I believe that creating a foundation for the party is the most important and difficult part of the process, and the only way to put any legitimacy behind the title. —AlexandraFrick

2007-05-06 17:21:03   Yeah the internal issues of ASUCD were always my intentions for the creation of a new slate to directly reflect a progressive movement within student government which had since been losing confidence among the general student population. The idea of GO was directly influenced by these deficiencies, and I am glad to see it has been established, my hope is that this slate does not just become another party like UNITE or STUDENT FOCUS but rather embodies the progressive change needed to create a more effective ASUCD. GO was more than just a catchy name myself and Chris discussed, it was an idea to institute real change. —MarkKlebanov

2007-06-02 16:31:55   So... are there plans for a Red T-shirt with the word STOP on it? Haha just kidding. —TusharRawat

2007-10-02 08:06:56   I disagree with the notion that GO should have informed the Executive Office but I also find their actions so far to be extremely shady. Another realization I have come to is that every GO member I have spoken to believes that Cal-Aggie Camp should be cut. I find this selfish that GO members would complain that student money should not go to philanthropy. Do they recall that millions of Californians' tax dollars funds UC Davis? It's a narrow-minded opinion imo but I am willing to give GO a chance and attend their meeting. —GregWebb

2007-10-02 08:34:23   I don't think Senators should have to check with the exec office or LEAD either, but the point was if Friedman really meant that all ASUCD people were invited, he might have wanted to notify other people in ASUCD. —JamesSchwab

2007-10-02 23:59:12   I went to the GO meeting and was very disappointed in the slate. I liked all the candidate I talked to, not sure if they would be great senators but they are driven people.

I was disappointed when I asked if I could ask the candidates questions directly. (GO said no) I sorta understand that they are probably unprepared for that but GO wouldn't even reveal what they stand for, only that they are change. They will release their platform next week because they fear that people might steal their platform. I spoke out against this policy of using platform ideas as political bargaining chips to get elected. I told GO that the bottom line should be working to achieve goals, regardless of who works to do so. GO's ambition seems to be taking over ASUCD, not making over ASUCD. GO is supposed to be change but it still feels like Student Focus.

2007-10-03 10:15:05   Last i heard, Natalia Farhad Motamed was no longer the GO party Chair. I believe they have a new Chair now. Maybe someone can clear that up? —WeMo

2007-10-08 23:44:45   GregWebb, you're last comment was incomplete and therefore misleading. I attended the same meeting you did, and in response to your speaking out "against this policy of using platform ideas as political bargaining chips", GO Executive Alexandra Frick made it clear that the goal was to elect officials who had put real time and effort into policy creation and implementation, not those who feel no moral unease at taking others' ideas. The platforms GO Candidates are running on represent the culmination of countless hours of preparation and planning; the platforms are solid and true to the mission statement of GO; most importantly, these are goals all members of the GO community share and plan fully on making a reality, whether or not every candidate is elected.

Bottom line: GO asserts itself as a new and self-aware student body organization. With its own ideas, dedicated candidates and driven supporters, GO aught to be given more credit than your partial and misleading comment intimates. I encourage anyone who doubts the legitimacy of GO to talk with a GO official at any level and learn firsthand where GO fits in within the ASUCD. —Dover

2007-10-11 17:25:05   A Coho meal is already a deal....the CoHo is a nonprofit and everything is sold at a price that is includes the cost of the product, labor and a very slim mark-up. So, any further deals, would mean the CoHo would lose money. —JamesSchwab

2007-10-11 23:55:34   Is anyone else here bothered by the capitalization on this page, I dunno, I have terrible writing practice with run on sentences, but this is rather silly looking. —DavidPoole

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