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Gambling: Another form of 24-hour entertainment. Another vice that fills the void created by no 24-hour-restaurants in Davis.

  1. Davis Gambling
  2. Casinos near Davis
  3. Horse Racetracks near Davis
  4. Card Rooms near Davis
    1. Sacramento Region
    2. Beyond Sacramento Region
  5. Nevada

Davis Gambling

Casinos near Davis

Think you have to be 21 to lose money you don't have? Think again. At least two casinos within the region permit 18 year olds to gamble their hearts out.

Anybody know which local casinos accept [WWW]California Welfare cards?

Horse Racetracks near Davis

Card Rooms near Davis

Sacramento Region

Unsure of whether these are 18+ or 21+ — anyone know?

Beyond Sacramento Region


Despite the ads from local Indian Casinos about "Nevada Style" Gambling, you can just drive to Nevada and get real Nevada Gambling. Slots, cards, roulette, and craps are all available. They are a bit further away, and in the winter, if it is raining here, it means it is snowing in the mountains, so it can take longer to get to, if you can get there at all. All Nevada Casinos are 21 and up to gamble.

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