Going to the Gym


A gym can be a daunting place for a beginner. Hopefully this page will help you learn how to prevent injuries and minimize conflicts with other gym-goers.

Showing Common Courtesy

Weight-Lifting Tips

Basic Compound Lifts

A compound lift is a movement across multiple joints, so that a variety of muscles get a work out as opposed to isolation lifts, which target specific areas. Compound lifts are usually a good introduction to weight-lifting because they supposedly develop strength and size most efficiently when they are the core of a workout program.

Questions Beginners Normally Ask

Why am I not getting any bigger?
Most people normally run into this problem because they are not consuming enough calories and [wikipedia]macronutrients.

How do I get nice abs?
You need to drop your body fat if you want your abs to show nicely. Large reps of crunches will not get rid of the fat around your stomach. You just have to eat cleanly and maybe increase the amount of cardio exercises that you do.

What is overtraining?
If you train too intensely too often without allowing time for recovery, you might be overtraining. Usually you will stop progressing, lose the desire to train, and start getting sick and tired. Most likely you will not be overtraining even with these symptoms.

I think I injured something, what do I do?
Try taking a break for a week. If the problem persists, talk to a trainer, coach, or doctor.

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