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You know the story: you finally get up the nerve to ask that special person out. Elegant words are lost on you, but you manage to stammer out some kind of invitation... but now what? Sometimes, asking isn't the hardest part of date planning. Here are some good Davis-specific date ideas. If something isn't on here that worked for yourself, or you haven't used yet but you just know it is a great idea, then be sure to add it. Love could always use any help it can get.

    1. Summer / Warm weather
    2. Winter / Cold weather
    3. Last Minute Valentine's Day Ideas
    4. Anytime
    5. Makeout Spots

Summer / Warm weather

Winter / Cold weather

Last Minute Valentine's Day Ideas

coolerflowers.jpgRoses at Mengali's Florist. Picture taken by MattJojola.

Some guys are slow. So slow in fact, that they need saving at the last minute. If you find yourself in this predicament, it might be a good idea to select a couple of ideas from this list. Doing just one of these things might get you by, but two of 'em should give you plenty of breathing room! And remember... it's not necessarily money, but attention to detail that will really impress the one you love.


date.jpgLet's be close.

Makeout Spots

See Makeout Spots

Be creative!

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