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Plotting the Supply of Greebes

greebe.jpga nice view of some greebe

To gain a better understanding of greebes, imagine that you are viewing a hypothetical chart on product sales. The chart is labeled with variables represented by letters x and y. The product in question is simply referred to as “Product A”. What an inhuman way to look at economic principles! Most people probably find this hard to relate to. Now imagine yourself in the same situation, except the chart is labeled with actual numbers and instead of the ambiguous “Product A” you have “Greebes”. Although you don’t know exactly what a greebe is, you can imagine a kid walking to Safeway and buying a pack of greebes, but you can’t imagine the kid buying a pack of “Product A”. The second chart is something people can relate to; the greebe has served its purpose. Greebe appears to be a simple nonsense noun but upon closer examination the word is like an onion, revealing a new face every time an opaque layer is removed. I hope that you will realize the importance of greebes in our lives. Greebes have greatly enhanced my understanding of economics. Your journey into understanding will not be easy, but once you have arrived at your destination you will be a better person for it.

I think this is a 'fake' term used in Economics similar to the use of the word widgets that many are familar with.

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