Greek Life


Greek life refers to being an active student member of a social fraternity or sorority. Social fraternities and sororities have been a vital part of UC Davis since 1923. They provide a small group living experience that enhances the co-curricular life of every Greek student through academic, social, educational, leadership, and community service activities. There are both national and local fraternities and sororities at UCD with diverse backgrounds and histories.

At first glance, UC Davis can seem overwhelming with its 23,000 students. The Greek community gives students the chance to make a big campus smaller. Fraternities and sororities enable young men and women to establish strong friendships that last beyond their college years. Affiliation provides an opportunity to interact with other students of all ages, backgrounds, and interests allowing for the possibility for members to meet a wide range of people within the Greek community as well as student organizations and activities. Membership offers a network of support while making the transition to college life. Sharing your college experiences with a variety of brothers and sisters will provide bonds and friendships that will last a lifetime.

One of the most gratifying aspects of Greek life is the sense of satisfaction and pride that comes with involvement in community service. Greeks throughout the nation recognize local and national organizations in need of aid by donating time and money through their special philanthropies and service projects. UCD Greeks raise thousands of dollars and devote thousands of hours in hands-on service each year to a variety of projects that benefit the citizens of Davis and Yolo County. In addition, the Greek community comes together several times per year to perform joint projects for both the campus and the community. Examples include tutoring local children, working at shelters and soup kitchens. Whether raising money or donating time, service is an important part of the Greek experience.

Greek life is a special living and learning environment. Fraternity and sorority chapters are self-governing bodies in which the members take on the responsibilities and offices of the organization. This hands-on experience helps members develop leadership, organization, and communication skills. Chapters and members interact and make connections with other student organizations and departments on campus. Greeks learn the importance of dedication, working with others, responsibility, and self-reliance. Whether you are a natural leader, want to cultivate your skills, or just want to be involved, Greek life will help you develop your unique, individual potential. The Greek community also provides a wide variety of events that help bring members of different fraternities and sororities together, whether through intramurals, educational workshops and speakers, social events, retreats, or philanthropies.

How to get Involved

Currently, there are many fraternities and sororities registered with UC Davis. Visit IFC to learn more about fraternities in the North-American Internfraternity Council, and Panhellenic Council to learn more about different sororities at Davis. Recruitment for these organization is held at different times throughout the year.

Greeks at UC Davis

Nationwide Greek Facts

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