Green is a color that can be found throughout Davis.

It is also a word analogous to "environmentally friendly" as well as a last name. It is also used to indicate inexperience. It is highly associated with the town flora.

If you want to include the color [wikipedia]green in a DavisWiki entry, you can use HTML code #00FF00, or just the word "green". See other colors and shades of green in Help with Colors.

ScarletMonkeysFlyOutOfMyButt.jpgPlants are very often green, even ones named scarlet GreenBird.jpgSome animals are green too, like your flashier dressed fowl... IfItQuacksLikeADuck.jpg...while some more mellow birds are also green.

Businesses with a "Green" Name

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Green Businesses in Davis

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Living Green

Persons with the name "Green"

Green as a Political Party

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