Green Waste


green.jpgPiles of green waste line the streets (forcing many cyclists into traffic to dodge them)

In addition to the curbside pickup of garbage and recyclables in the City, Davis Waste Removal also picks-up green waste.

Curbside pick-up of yard waste:

Street sweeping occurs every week, usually the day following brush pick-up. In order to take advantage of this service, please park your car off street on your sweeping day. Check out the [WWW]Street Sweeping Map to find out what day your streets are swept.

Before the yard waste pick-up schedules changed, it was recommended that "In order to coordinate the brush pick-up and street sweeping service; brush is picked up on a Monday through Thursday basis. Please put your yard refuse out for collection on the day before your regular garbage day. (If your regular garbage day is Wednesday, put your brush out for Tuesday pick-up). " Now you should see the [WWW]Yard Material Pick-Up Map to determine your yard material pick-up day.

Davis Waste Removal uses a combination of a loader and a rear load garbage truck to pick up the green waste.

—If you don't want to leave your [WWW]yard material out in the street for pick-up, or if you have a lot of fruits and veggies (which are not allowed in piles on the street), try backyard composting. The City of Davis Public Works Department offers a free compost correspondence course for Davis residents. Davis residents in single family homes can purchase a compost bin for $10 when they complete the course. Call the Public Works Department at 757-5686 to sign up.


Green_Waste.jpgLoader and truck in action

brown.jpgGreen Waste is sometimes not so green


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A lady from the East coast who was living in town once stopped me while I was mowing a lawn and asked me why everyone was putting out piles of clippings and grass. She was rather amazed to find out that the city collected them. I've always fancied using one of the loaders in some sort of action movie sequence, they just look cut out for something like that... albiet they are a tad on the slow side —StevenDaubert

When I first arived in Davis, I was confused as hell as to why there were giant piles of green waste everywhere. Then I saw the machine that picked up the green waste. Man, that thing is terrifying. - ArlenAbraham

2008-04-30 17:32:08   These piles often block the bike lanes. This creates quite a hazard, as cyclists have to move very close to, or into, the street to dodge them. Dodging them at night is particularly dangerous, as even with a good bike light, they may not be visible in time, nor may the car behind the dodging cyclist. —IDoNotExist

2008-04-30 17:52:52   I would imagine that the new lines being painted designate a 'bike lane' and a 'green waste lane', at least as far as I've seen in North Davis. I find it hard to believe that a conscientious biker has much of problem avoiding the piles anyway, as the only time I've ever hit one was at night, while drunk, and not using a bike light. —JoePomidor

2009-01-17 21:08:25   I have lived in several cities on both the east and west coast and I have NEVER seen a more absurd system than this one for green waste. I have scrapes in the road from the loader, it leaves a bunch of stuff behind every week (and no, the street sweeper doesn't get it all), and there is this strange force called wind that blows the leaves from everyones piles down the street. How beautiful the green plastic bin I used to have now seems... —amccoy

2009-04-10 12:24:42   Does anyone know WHERE they take the yard waste, and if it is possible to go get some to use on my garden? THANKS! —ChelseaAyers

2009-11-16 10:03:27   Re: Where do they take the yard waste? I just spoke to DWR, it turns out that they currently bury the yard waste in the landfill. This is because of the agricultural quarantine on Yolo county, caused by the apple moth. —RobiPochapin

2010-1-5 Actually, this is incorrect. With the exception of a couple of days a few months ago, the material is still being composted, it's just chipped first.jgilbert

2009-11-16 16:09:35   In San Jose, the city gives you this huge yard waste container.

I actually rode through one of these piles. It was midnight on a Friday, and instead of biking drunk I was biking home after playing some Friday Night Magic. —hankim

2013-02-14 00:24:56   Ah, green waste. It's not so much fun when you slam into a huge chunk of tree during a foggy night that somebody left in the bike lane... —HarrisonM

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