Guide for short-term residents


Note: Given that I've only lived here a month, this naturally is not authoritative! I'm hopeful people will run with it. [And, in the process, maybe tell me about stuff I should know about?]

While many people come to Davis planning to live here for a long time, some of the population knows from the beginning that their time in Davis will be short.

Some examples are:

It's not easy to uproot for a short time, but this wiki includes links to a variety of topics that can make getting here, getting settled, and feeling less isolation a lot easier.

Finding a place to live

Once you've decided to spend some time here, you'll need to find a place in which to do it. This can be harder if you're not going to be here for the one year that is the duration of a typical lease.

You can find a place before you arrive

* Cranbrook apartmentstakes part in the global units program, get info thru UCD

It can be worrying to rent an apartment sight unseen. It's probably better to have someone (like the person you're visiting in Davis) look at the apartment to verify it exists, before you send thousands of dollars through the mail.

Or you can arrive, and find a place after you get here

You'll want a place to stay while you're hunting.

Making sure everything's connected

If you've found a place in advance of arriving, it's good to ensure that it has lights and phone service. Cable and broadband internet service are also handy.

Bizarrely, some utilities will expect you to know your new ZIP code even though you've never lived here before. The Davis ZIP codes are 95616 and 95618. The ZIP Codes page provides more information on the parts of town encompassed by each.

Making sure your mail gets to you.

Getting to Davis, and getting around in Davis

Once you get here, you'll still need to get around. The Yolo County Visitors Bureau, which is at 604 2nd St., will give you tons of maps. 530-297-1900

Having things to sit on, sleep on, cook with, and eat on

While it helps to have brought stuff from wherever you actually live, you've surely forgotten something.

It makes a lot of sense to get used stuff when you're only here short-term.

You may need some new stuff, too.

One annoying thing about Davis is that there is no downtown drugstore. The nearest one is a Rite Aid just north of campus.

You've gotta eat

Eventually, you'll move out

At the end of your time here, you'll need to wrap up your living situation, get rid of the stuff you don't need, get back your security deposit, close all your utility accounts, forward your mail, and go home. But the original author of this page is still here, so hopefully someone else will jump in and describe this process!

Or, you could always move here.


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2010-02-05 22:11:15   I needed a place to stay for only three months (Feb to May) and got a dozen replies on an ad I posted on Craigslist. Highly recommended. —LarryMacPhail

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