Hacienda Becerra

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22408 County Road 102
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Shannon Becerra
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Hacienda Becerra is a relaxed and friendly place to board your horse, on 16 quiet and peaceful acres. Boarding options start at $250 a month, with a $50 Nov-March winter discount. Call for an appointment to come out and meet us for a tour!


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2009-09-19 23:04:14   HB used to be a very relaxed; low key place. It's kind of becoming a place where you DONT want to board there. The arenas are crowded with standards and random barrels. You can't change the arenas or else the "trainer" will yell at you. there are 4 jumps available. Broken/ split poles. There are some of the worst kind of horse people out here. All the pastures/arenas/paddocks have bad footing. Not the best place to board. The reason it's cheap is because of the bad service. Trust me; I boarded there. —hulla

2010-02-05 17:38:20   I have never boarded here, but I adopted my horse from Shannon. The people here are VERY nice. The horses are treated well and they train their rescue horses with natural horsemanship. There does seem to be a high capacity, so the pastures are a bit crowded and it gets muddy. But, if I was looking for anther horse this is the first place I'd look, they are honest and very friendly. —quarabaloosa

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