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Davis Happy Hour Drinks

Happy Hour is a period of time (not always one hour), usually in the late afternoon, on select days when restaurants/bars offer discounted (alcoholic) drinks. They differ from drink specials in that they are usually more broad; discounting most or all drinks instead of only certain ones. Additionally there usually is no cover charge to get in. Special drink nights often have a theme, for example: Sophia's 'Service Industry Night.' or Sudwerk's 'Dollar Bottle Night.'

Drink Specials by Day of the Week

Drink special calendar:








Note: these specials are usually only at night.

Davis Happy Hour Food

3rd and U Cafe Thurs-Fri, 3:30-6:30. Cheap fries, sliders and hot wings.

See Night time for a summary of events going on at bars on various nights.


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2014-01-22 17:58:25   Getting to Sudwerks before 9 DOES NOT save you from having to pay a cover charge EVEN IF you buy dinner :/ —JennaGallegos

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