Henna by Funo


Natural henna.jpg

East Davis
by appointment
(530) 574-5950 or (530) 792-1987
<fatimame1 AT hotmail DOT com>

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Funo is a [wikipedia]henna artist from Sudan, currently living in Davis. She specializes in traditional henna designs (black or natural) for hands or feet. The typical price is $15, but depends on how complex your design is.


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2007-12-03 04:48:25   Black henna is not actually henna. It is a dangerous dye. It can cause terrible allergic reactions that include scarring and KIDNEY FAILURE!! Do not put black "henna" on anyone! —JenMehndi

2007-12-03 08:34:52   Just as general advocate of personal choice, I'll point out that the same applies to many other things. Black henna can also cause nifty patterns with no reaction whatsoever (thus how popular it is). Unlike peanuts and bees, it is illegal. Like other illegal substances, it has people who use it despite the law. I wouldn't do it, but then, I don't think my personal choices should dictate everybody's choices. —JabberWokky

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