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While Davis itself may be flat, it is quite close to some killer areas for backpacking and other outdoor activities. Newcomers to the area should be aware that poison oak is common in areas below 5,000 feet elevation and hikers can easily contract contact dermatitis even when the shrubs are leafless. Also see Camping and Climbing.

Trails and Hiking Areas

Hiking Trails in Yolo County

Within two hours one can be at many excellent backpacking and hiking areas. If you're willing to drive a little more the wilderness opportunities are endless. It's a little impossible to list all of the "local" destinations but here are a couple of ideas. See the Adventures Outside of Davis, Camping, or Climbing page for more places. Dog owners should visit our Dogs page for pet-friendly hikes.

Hiking Trails in Colusa County

snow.jpgSnow Mountain Wilderness in June 2011. The snow ball is in the general direction of Davis. Also Maverick.

Hiking Trails in Other Counties

dog_packin3.jpgDesolation Wilderness can be a beautiful nearby escape once you lose the crowds that belie its name. Fido can help haul people trash down for you once his water's gone, too!


Listed here are some great free resources for hiking and backpacking


One really doesn't need to buy maps with these available, however, common sense dictates that you should bring a printed copy of the map of your hiking destination with you on the hike.

Libraries & Websites

Places to rent gear

Places to buy gear

dog_packin.jpgIt's important for everybody to be properly equipped so they can carry their own load.

Clubs and Organizations


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2008-04-13 13:59:14   Can anyone recommend a good backpacking location near Davis (an hour or two away) that has some sort of water nearby to frolic in? —Ash

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