FarmersMkt.jpg It is a matter of opinion as to if a college student who is a hippie for four to eight years, and then goes off to practice law in a power suit and raise 2.5 kids in a suburb ever really was a hippie.* That said, there are plenty of people in Davis who have been buying earth friendly goods since the late 60s/early 70s when the hippie movement started.

Many Hippies come to Davis for the Whole Earth Festival. Many Hippies are doing a degree in International Agricultural Development.

It might interest you that the term 'Hippie' started out as a slur by Beatniks who were mocking the 'wanna-be hipsters'. Thus, by a certain logic, there can be no such thing as a 'wanna-be hippie', as they are, by label, all 'wanna-bes'.

See also: Hoopies for an analysis of the more Davis-centric form of hippie.

*If said hippies still buy organic produce, recycle and wear hemp on the weekends, they are officially Yippies.

It appears that most people in Davis are a bunch of damn bicycle ridding hippies, who shop at the Co Op or nugget market for their lame ass organic groceries (they even bring their own grocery bags too), wear sandals (especially Teva brand), and think they know everything just because they went to the U.C. Davis (or just because they live near that college). By the way, if Davis people/ hippies do not ride a bicycle, they either drive an electric car, hitchhike, or drive a sorry ass Subaru station wagon. Anyways, I just thought that I should point out that Davis is basically a town full of hippies based upon my observation. No hate mail please, I am just pointing out my observations. —buckbuck

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