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There are 223 historic properties in and around the city of Davis as identified in the Historic Property Data File Historic Resources Inventory (HRI), maintained by the State Office of Historic Preservation; this includes properties that are listed in the [WWW]National Register. Some of these buildings can be seen on the [WWW]Davis Historic Bike Tour, and the [WWW]Davis Historical Society is an excellent information resource. For Historic Resources in Davis, see [WWW]City of Davis Cultural Resources. For the city's three traditional (historic) neighborhoods see Neighborhood Associations.

Please be sure to read our Town History to see how these properties figure into local lore, why some of the names you see around town appear so frequently, and to learn about some of our more recent history.

Also, please take a look at the oldest surviving buildings, some of which are not listed in this entry.

    1. Brief Historical Context
    2. National Register of Historic Places
    3. Other sites
    4. Other Places of Historic Interest

Brief Historical Context

see also Town History

National Register of Historic Places

Other sites

The City of Davis has four classes of historic cultural resource designation that recognize the local historic importance of buildings, areas and trees:

bldg_Schmeiser.jpgSchmeiser Home

Landmark Trees

Other Places of Historic Interest

lincolnhw.jpgThe Lincoln Highway

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2011-01-24 17:02:03   Does anyone know the story behind that run-down looking brick building between Arlington Farms and Russell? I see it every once in a while and think "I wonder what that is/was" but always forget by the time I get to a computer. —JoePomidor

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