Home Improvement & Repair

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Home and business owners can either choose the do it yourself path or choose from an array of professionals to help them with building improvements and remodels. Please ensure that the contractor you select is [WWW]licensed and insured; this ensures that the work performed is to state standards and protects you in case of future problems. The Davis Enterprise also has a classified section with ads broken down by what kind of work they will accept. For housing repairs, check the "Dial-a-Pro" section.

  1. Supplies & Equipment
  2. Services
    1. Architecture and Structural Design
    2. General Contracting and Repairs
    3. Interior Design
    4. Specialty Services
      1. Cabinetry
      2. Concrete
      3. Electrical
      4. Flooring Sales/Installation
      5. Garage Doors
      6. Garden Lighting
      7. Glass
      8. Handy-People
      9. Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning
      10. Landscaping
      11. Misc.
      12. Organizing
      13. Roofing
      14. Painting
      15. Plumbing
      16. Upholstery
      17. Tile
      18. Window Dressings
    5. Cleaning
      1. Gutter Cleaning

Supplies & Equipment

See also Specialty Services on this page for new or replacement products such as glass and flooring.


Architecture and Structural Design

General Contracting and Repairs

General contractors typically oversee all phases of a construction project and subcontract out specialty work such as roofing, cabinetry, painting and flooring. Some businesses falling under this category, however, will do framing work which means they put up the walls. In addition to those who market themselves as contractors, some individuals may wish to simply hire somebody to do general repair work, which may include simple electrical installations, plumbing work, door repairs and the like.

Interior Design

Specialty Services




Flooring Sales/Installation

Garage Doors

Garden Lighting



* Bluebird Fixit light construction,odd jobs ,chainsaw work,fence gate repair, hauling,and much more

* Charles D Persson light construction, plumbing, electrical, repair, detail, power bill consultation, landscape controls/repair.

Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning


See Landscape Architects and Landscaping.








Window Dressings


See also Hauling Services, Housekeeping, Carpet Cleaning

Gutter Cleaning

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