Hot Air Balloons


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 * [ Cheers Over California]  * [ Cheers Over California]

hotcheer.jpgNear County Road 99 and County Road 27.

Sometimes in the morning if you look out to the west of town you'll see one or more hot air balloons. Other times, the balloons fly directly over town.

When weather conditions are bad (fog) in Napa, the Napa balloons often come over to Winters or Dixon to launch. They also sometimes launch from Yolo County Airport at West Covell Boulevard and County Road 95. The balloons you see in the north are mostly launching from the Yolo County Fairgrounds in Woodland.

Hot Air Balloon Operators:

I've always seen balloons in the early morning looking West, it's good times —StevenDaubert

baloon_over_solano_park.jpgA hot air balloon floated directly over Solano Park around 9am on a Saturday in early September. Hotair.JPGLooking south over the arboretum. BalloonsOverCoastalRange.jpgWith the Northern Coast Range in the background

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