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Hot Tubs are a great way to relax and unwind after a long day of studying or work. They can be a relaxing and tranquil experience or a social event. Most apartment complexes in Davis have a hot tub but not all are created equal.
Feel free to update the list and contribute your own experience. Happy hot tubbing.

List of Hot Tubs by Complex

Complex Name Quality Jets/heat after 10pm Atmosphere Size Ease of Accessibility
Temescal Pretty good No Social Medium Easy
Chaparral Very good Yes Quiet, sometimes social Medium Easy
University Village OK No social Large Sort of easy
Silverstone Good Yes very quiet Tiny Easy
Sorrento Good No somewhat social Medium somewhat difficult
Greystone OK No social Large Somewhat difficult
Casitas Good Yes Quiet, sometimes social Large E-Z if you are tall
Chautauqua Good Yes Quiet Tiny Easy
Parkside Ok No Social Small Easy
Cranbrook Good No Quiet Medium Easy
Arlington Farm Ok No Social Small Easy
Tanglewood Great No Quiet Small Medium
Sharps & Flats Ok No Social Tiny Easy
DAC not appts! Great till 11 Gym-ish Gargantuan 12 foot wall

Hot Tub Protips

Do's and Don't's

As with anything, discretion and common sense are beneficial when selecting a hot tub destination. For instance, if you are bringing a large crew and intend on drinking and making noise, don't go to a quiet tub and expect to not ruffle feathers. Quiet complexes do not make for a good time when in large groups. Especially when patronizing a hot tub at a complex of which you are not a resident, remember that the hot tub is there for everyone's enjoyment, not just yours. Think of it as a natural resource— it is there to be enjoyed but not exploited. Don't ruin it for others by making a mess.


Be friendly and introduce yourself. Talk to your fellow hot tubbers. Offer to share if you have extra beer. Drink water. PICK UP YOUR TRASH.
Read the Hot Tub Safety Guide [WWW]


Don't be a creep. Don't be too loud— be mindful of the time of night. Don't leave your trash. Don't drink too much, it is easy to get dehydrated. Don't be that d-bag that brings a boombox and plays crappy music.

Getting In

Ease of accessibility is assessed in the above table. Nearly all hot tubs are fenced in and locked. Easy ones simply requiring reaching your hand over or under the fence to turn the handle, oftentimes this is possible. More difficult tubs may require jumping the fence.

Hot Tub Council

The hot tub council (HTC) is a tradition that originates at UC Merced and was brought to us by visiting Merced students. The rules differ everywhere but the basic premise is as follows:
A place for friends and strangers to meet and relax. Bitch about your problems, complain about classes or work, formulate battle plans and strategies for meeting members of the opposite sex, etc. HTC usually involves consuming some form of alcohol. The original Merced charter had a strict constitution that involved making a new rule every meeting, and adjourning every meeting with a lap in the pool. The Davis chapter doesn't abide by such foolish rules.

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